Anyone for Indochina & Angkor?

Just wondering if anyone else is coming on this trip. My first Exodus experience.

My Vietnam Visa has arrived safely anyway!


Hi, we're booked & looking forward to it. 1st time with Exodus, 1st time to Asia & 1st cycling holiday. I know it's early, but we've just started the diet & fitness campaign. We're pretty good walkers but no cyclists, so need to get thinking about that. Walking the 3 peaks in Yorkshire end April, that'll get us going. Haven't thought about visa's etc yet.  Like's: family, animals, countryside, history, cooking.

Dave & Lynne (Wrentnall, Shropshire)


That's 3 of us then! If I'm right, you only need to get the Vietnam visa in advance. I did it straight away because otherwise I'd forget. My passport with visa came back very quickly anyway. I'm pretty bike fit but have never been on a cycling holiday, so long distances in the heat will be a shock to the system. See you in September!

Bethan Gwanas


I am also on this trip - flying out a couple of days in advance to spend some time in Bangkok before the tour starts.

 I went on an Exodus trip earlier this year to Vietnam (MOV) so if you have any questions that I might be able to help you with please do not hesitate to contact me. 

In my time in Bangkok I am staying at the start hotel so if you are getting out there early please let me know and we could hook up for a beer if you want. 

 It is getting close now!




Hello Ian,

I'll be at the Exodus hotel ( Nouvo City) in Bangkok on the 29th - is that the hotel you mean? I also wanted to see a bit of Bangkok first, although I won't get to Bangkok airport until lunchtime. The Exodus bus will then take me back to the airport to meet the others on the Sunday morning (30th).

Have you sorted out your currency yet? Would like to know what you recommend, US dollars maybe? Any bits of kit/luggage you recommend too?





Bethan Gwanas


Good question from Bethan, we'd also be interested to hear your advice. Hope you pair dont get too aclimatised, we dont want to be left too far behind on the cycling. We're new to cycling but have been pleasantly surprised as to how enjoyable it is. We've been cycling around the Shropshire hills at weekends, tough on the legs but I suspect the heat & humidity will undo all the 'good intentioned'practise.

Will you be taking any snacks or suppliments or is going 'over the top'. Any ideas on how many are signed up on the trip?

Any other tips from your previous trip wopuld be welcome.

Looking forward to meeting you both.

Lynne & Dave




Firstly the Vietnam trip I did earlier in the year was fantastic so (if you haven't already) you need to get excited about having a wonderful holiday!

In terms of currency in Vietnam it was easy to find an ATM. I am going to take US dollars with me as everything in Vietnam was priced in US dollars as well as Vietnamese Dong. So I will use Dollars initially and get to and ATM if I need Vietnamese currency.

I understand Cambodia is the same regarding US dollars but in Thailand it runs less on a dual currency and more on the Baht so I will get some at the Airport on arrival.

 The problem we have (as far as I see it) is that in theory we need three lots of currency and have no real idea as to how much we will spend in each country - hence me having US dollars just in case.

In regard to Bethans question regarding the Nuovo Hotel - I am booked in there as well so once you check in by all means let me know you have arrived. I have to say when I went to Vietnam although it was a night flight I was jet lagged on arrival and it took me a couple of days to pull round. So see how you feel but it would be great to meet before the formal start to the holiday.  

In terms of kit I took a Camelbak to Vietnam fearing I would be dehydrated but the cycling has very regular stops and a water bottle will suffice this time around.  We had a kitty for wonderful snacks (approx £15 for the 2 weeks) which were then provided at the cycle stops so to my mind energy drinks are not required. Also don't worry about the intensity of the riding everyone goes at their own pace and if it gets too much there is always the coach for you to jump in if you get too tired. Pease bear in mid that this is about enjoying the holiday not pushing yourself to the limits.

I have no other tips, you do not need a lot of kit (I am going to take some pedals and cycle shoes), a helmet is I think absolutely neccesary. It is very informal and relaxed so no need to dress up and leave space in your luggage for any souveniers it is so cheap!

Other than that be prepared for a memorable holiday. This is the way to get around this part of the world and the warmth of the locals will stay with you forever! (I sound like and Exodus rep don't I?)

 I promise I will check in regularly in betwen now and when I depart so if you have any more questions fire away. 

I look forward to meeting you





Thanks Ian, this is useful.? We have heard that there are 8 of us on the trip to date.? We are taking dollars and sorting out any other currency when we get there.? Flying out on the 29th so will meet you when the group get together.? We are getting excited now as we are so close and you have confirmed our thoughts that this will be a different and special holiday.? Look forward to meeting you. Lynne & Dave.

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