Anyone joining me on Discover Sri Lanka departing London 12th November!

Hi everyone!

I've recently booked myself to go away on the above trip and just thought it's be nice to try and find out who I'll be going with :) I am travelling alone and really looking forward to meeting you all.

 Claire x 

Hi Claire,
We are on the trip, look forward to meeting you.
Steve & Ali

Hi Steve and Ali! So Im not alone! Ha, ha. Obviously it's not just the three of us so hopefully some other people will make themselves known soon too...I've heard there is at least 7 or so people booked already.

Have you been on a trip with Exodus before? What tempted you about this one?

Ive not been anywhere with Exodus before, so my only similar experience has been with Trek America but that was sometime ago...have lots of very positive memories from that trip though and so looking forward to this. Never been to Sri Lanka before and think the variety of things on this trip sounds like a perfect couple of weeks.


Hi Claire,
This will be our second trip with exodus, we went to Rwanda in January to see the Gorillas. We had a great time, a real life changing experience. The trip leader was excellent so www thought that we would give them another go. I have been to Sri Lanka before, it was a few years ago, it was called Ceylon back then.

Are you going on the Whale trip?
Steve & Ali

Good to hear you've been away with them before and had a good experience! I haven't thought about the additional extras yet but I know what I'm usually like and will likely be taking every opportunity that comes up, want to really make it a trip to remember! Claire

I'm also going to be on this trip. I've never been to Sri Lanka before but I have done a few Exodus trips and enjoyed them all.

I look forward to meeting you all. 


Hello All, Are you going on the 12th or the 19th as there is no mention of a departure date for the 12th.... My sister in law and I have booked for the 19th  - first time Exodus travellers but been on a lot of other small group tours (won't mention the names!)


Hi Jenny,

I'm going in the one departing on the 12th. Think it's fully booked so doesn't show on the listing. Hope you enjoy your trip - maybe the two groups will bump into each other at some point out there!



Hello. I will also be going on this trip to Sri Lanka on 12th Nov.

 I will be coming on my own. Booked the last place on the trip about 2 weeks ago.

Really looking forward to it and to meeting you soon!


Hi Maria and Kasia! Good to hear of some more people who are joining the trip as solo travellers too...and to know the trip has filled up :D Good stuff. Getting excited now, a couple of my friends are away in Sri lanka at the moment and have said it is beautiful...and despite being a bit rainy for short intervals! Claire 


Hello everyone, Just to say that I am looking forward to meeting everyone on the Sri Lanka trip. I have just booked the last remaining space this Monday, so I cant wait. I am travelling on my own, I have done a couple of trips with exodus before and have enjoyed both, but this is my first time to Sri Lanka and I cant wait.


Hi Sam and everyone else! It's getting close now, I can not wait. Are you all flying from Heathrow on the group flight? Or anyone doing land only and meeting us there? I've asked for some Exodus labels to put on my bags so I should be spotable if anyone wants to come up and say hi before we even get going!



Yes I am on the group flight from Heathrow, so will keep an eye out for you and anyone else with their exodus labels.



I am also on the group flight from Heathrow.

Has anyone had success in doing the electronic visa application? Filled in all the information and submitted the form but never got any confirmation, so looks like it didnt work! Think I will sort it out on arrival, rather than go through the process online again.

 See you all soon :)



Hi Kasia

I filled out the online visa 3 days ago and I too have not had a response even though I had and email saying i would be notified within 24 hours.

See you soon


I panicked when I saw they'd changed the rules re: visa but as it doesn't become enforced until January I haven't even tried to apply online.

Looking forward to meeting you all, really need to finish off my packing!! Claire x 

I gave up on the form - filled it in but then the page didn't do a lot.  Exodus confirmed we don't need it for this trip anyway.

I need to START my packing! :)

See you all soon. 



HI see you all tomorrow.  I am also a lone traveller and have do a few trips with Exodus, look forward to meeting you all in a few days.  I also need to pack, hopefully will be the worst part of the holiday.



Nearly finished packing. Excited now. See you later! Kasia

Oh my gosh...I still haven't finished packing!! Coach in two hours for me, see you all at the airport! Claire x

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