Anyone joining us on the Cachalote?

Pat and Martin will be pleased to meet you "virtually" in the Compass Cafe, and "actually" in Quito.

Hi, Sorry I am not going with you but I was on the boat a couple of years ago on a shorter cruise.  It is certainly a worthwhile trip, and fun trying to not step on Iguanas.  I thought I might give a couple of tips.  The cabins are not spacious, so try to avoid taking too much luggage.  Some of the passages between islands can be a bit rough, so be prepared if you might suffer from sea sickness.  Not trying to put you just being helpful I hope.




Hi Rob,

Many thanks for the advice - we won't let it put us off! But we have just put sea sickness pills on the shopping list!


Martin & Pat.


I want my money back!  In summary, small cabins and waves on the ocean.  Who'd have guessed.  Sort of like you'd expect booking a trip on a small boat in the middle of the Pacific.

We're looking forward to Noddies, Boobies and swimming with the sea lions.  Worth a few waves.

 See you there Pat and Martin

 Gill and Rob







Hi Gill and Rob,

It's good to hear from someone that is actually going on this trip! We thought there would be much more activity on the "virtual meeting-and-greeting" front, but presumably we've got a party of non-bloggers! Good!

We'll look forward to meeting you in Quito.

Pat and Martin.

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