Anyone out there going to Burma Jan 2012

Hello to anyone who reads this. I am joining the Burma trip in January, which I think is now full.

I've never been on an Exodus trip before. I've always travelled independently: Thailand, Cambodia but thought I'd be better placed going this time with a group. I have booked a land only trip as I'm planning going on perhaps to Viet Nam after for a couple more weeks. I am travelling out to Rangoon using the same flights that Exodus are using so there's a chance some of us may meet up at the airport

Hi, Graham - we've met elsewhere. Just checking you've got your departure lined up for Saturday 21st - NOT Sunday 22nd. Wouldn't want to see you standing on the tarmac as we take off. I'm travelling with a friend of mine from Devon - Penny - and I'm from Dorset. Looking forward to meeting everyone else in the group.

Hi again Christine, Don't worry I have got the dates right; I don't know how 22nd got there but I have all my tickets. I also have my visa as well. I'm on a land only trip but am flying out using the same flights as Exodus. Thereafter I am flying to Bangkok then visiting family in the south of Thailand then maybe to Viet nam. I'll make that bit up as I go. Like your friend I am from Devon, wonder if I know her; it's a small world.

I'm travelling on my own and I'll contact you again to arrange how and where to meet in the airport terminal.

There is a resounding silence from those who travelled in November! Were they struck dumb by the astounding beauty of it all - or are they still recovering? Not long now until we find out.

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