Anyone out there on this trip?

I have just booked up for the Croatia holiday from 3rd to 10th June. This is my first trip for nearly 3 years. Are any others out there booked up for this holiday?


Am I really the only one on this trip?

Hi Roger 

No you're not the only one on the trip. I'll be there. I've tried this departure lounge thing a few times with holidays but most people don't bother. 

I did the Bosnia Holiday a couple of years ago and if this is anything like that it'll be great.. and hot. 

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend. I'll be obvious, I'm the bloke with long hair.




Hi Howard

My last Exodus hol was Slovenia 2007 so I am not up with all the latest web tools.

Have you had your joining instructions and e-ticket yet? I emailed Marta yesterday and have had no response. I think they were pretty late the last time I did this (2 days before departure). I guess if it's emailed they can leave it later, but I have just repaired my pc from a potentially serious crash.

Roger (The bloke with no hair)

Hi Roger.

 Yes I have my final joining instructions email. I got them on the 9th May. Definitely worth prodding them.

Don't worry if you don't have them as the thing you need is the boarding pass and the only thing I've ever been asked for is my passport. They do it all from that. 

Also you seem far more up with the web tools than anyone else in the group :)  





Hi Howard

Got my joining instructions today after prodding them. Either viginmedia messed up or Marta forgot me.

Seems Alex has taken over from Marta? Not sure what's going on there. Thought I was getting personal attention from Marta up to the day of departure - well, according to the email.

See you Sunday at some point.



10 day forecast! That would make our forecasters envious. They can't even get 24hrs right (err... you don't work for the met office do you?)

He he no I don't although I wish forecasters could give a degree of confidence when they put up a forecast. They will have the data but won't put it up cos it would confuse people and would be more ammunition against them when they get it wrong which is a shame. 

I recon it'll be plenty warm enough and yeah I like wading through the mud too.  I met a couple of canadian women on the last trip who had hardly ever ridden through mud. Bizarre.


Just had another look at the weather. The forecast seems pretty stable. It will rain Monday afternoon, and overnight. That's OK it's not the night we're in the mountain hut.

I'm just going through the trip notes again with a map, really looking forward to it now. 

See you tomorrow Roger. 


I tried to get the Queen to join us because of the more reliable Croatian weather, but she declined.

"One must keep to ones commitments".

She has graciously given me permission to leave on her birthday.

(Could not help but notice your surname. Are you sure you are allowed to leave?)

See you tomorrow Howard.


He he, yeah I'm keeping my head down and getting away.  I'm getting the National express to heathrow tomorrow. I'm wondering if there will be people on the coach going to anything Jubilee related tomorrow. I suspect there might.

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