Anyone out there on this trip?!

Hi All, just seeing if anyone is booked on this fabulous trip? Also, anyone who might see this post who has been on it, and can offer any tips or advice? Hope to hear from you soon.



Hi Jacquie, Yes my husband Paul and I are booked on the trip. I found your post as I have just been online doing a bit of research for the trip which looks wonderful - but a lot of travelling. I love reading peoples reviews and everyone has had a great time. So not long now!



Yes we're going too and really looking forward to it! Must dig out the details and look at jabs visas etc!  Looks like Malaria tabs yuk!   Rich and Gerry


Hi guys

Great to link up with you all on here beforehand! I think it's going to be totally inspirational to experience it before it goes completely mainstream. I have done Thailand, and whilst the north can still be experienced relatively tourist-free (in the right tour group), the south is way too busy - such a shame as the people are absolutely lovely. So, I am really hoping Burma is like North Thailand. Me and my friend Sarah are both on this trip, late thirties and quite well-travelled, and always open to new experiences.  If you haven't yet seen it, we recommend seeing "The Lady" before you go - it's the story of Aung San Suu Kyi who has been and still is so influencial in Burmese history. As well as being relevant to our trip, it's a really good film! Yes, looking like Malaria tabs are pretty compulsary... I have my stash already!

Looking forward to meeting you all in 10 weeks!



I don't know if anyone else is interested but for £210 you can book on a balloon trip over the temples of Bagan. Apparently this has to be prebooked, but I don't know whether this is accurate. Check out U Tube for some videos of the trip - looks pretty amazing.


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