Anyone there.....

Anyone like to delcare they are going on this trip?

I will be bringing my partenr Lance, never been before and getting excited now!!



Hello there, Yes I am going on the trip  - -on my own  - -so I'm hoping not to be the only solo!!I have to fly down from Scotland on the Friday and stay overnight. 

 I have read somewhere about taking crayons etc for the children and other donations to leave. Do you know anything about that?

Looking forward to being warm







Yes, other people have told me that they came home without any pens! so take some spare to hand out too!  I have been with Exodus before and there are always a few solo travellers - you will be fine. Everything is done as a group anyway so nobody will be left out. Of course there may only be us 3 going as we havn't heard from anyone else!!!

Looking forward to being warm too

don't forget your visa card thingy

see you soon! 



Hi I'm Jenna, I am on this trip too. Also on my own Dac! I was bit worried about being the only solo traveller too. Look forward to meeting you both

See you in Havana 



Hi, I'm Pauline, probably one of the oldest members to be venturing to Cuba. I shalll be with a good friend of mine, Ellie, we use to work together. We took an Exodus trip to India in 2008, had an amazing adventure and decided to take another Exodus trip this year, Cuba, here we come ! So looking forward to the architecture, music, rum, old cars and meeting new people.

I have also been told to take some pencils for the children. So see you all in the departure lounge or on arrival in Havana.


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