Anyone trekking in Madagascar leaving 5 July?


I have just booked this trip and am very excited! Would be great to find out who else is coming!


Hi Ali,

 I've booked within the last week and I can't wait.  This is my first time doing something like this and I'm travelling alone so excited and nervous in equal measure. Martin

Hi Martin

Great! I was wondering if there was anyone else going!! 

I did the Kilimanjaro trek with Exodus last year, and met such a brilliant group of people - we've all met up a few times since, and are going up to Snowdon for a long weekend walking at the end of the month. 

So no need to be nervous :-)

Look forward to meeting you in July!



Hi Ali, Martin

Great to meet you on here, and even better in a few short weeks. I'm Orla, Irish, and living in Amsterdam (before moving to London in August). I booked the Madagascar trip a few weeks back before the big move from Amsterdam. It will be the first trip I'll be doing on my own, but I agree with Martin, that these kinds of group trips are a fab way to meet new friends. I've done a few trips with other adventure travel companies before to Africa and Nepal (EBC and Gokyo Lakes). Definitely can't wait for this one too. See you soon!


Hi All,

 Only four short weeks left now.  See you all soon.


Hey there,

I only booked a week ago, so very last minute! Desperately trying to get myself organised in time. I'm on my own, and coming down from Liverpool. Nervous excitement aplenty my end!

Look forward to meeting you all,



Hi there!

I'm also booked onto the Madagascar trip. Very much looking forward to it! I can't believe its only a week to go! Got my kit bag through the post today so reality has hit home... I'll coming down from Scotland. (Glasgow) Looking forward to meeting you all!



Hi all!

Only 5 short days to go now...! Can't wait!

How cold does everyone think it's going to get at night when we're trekking? I can't work out whether I'll need my down jacket or not.....?

Look forward to meeting you all on Saturday!




Only four now and I'm just a little excited.

I don't think the cold will be too much of an issue but I've never been. It is mainly an altitude issue and in the evenings.  So I figured layers and a wind proof jacket would be adequate but I am fairly warm blooded.  Plus a fire see pgillett's photos.  But don't blame me if your cold though ;) 

You could always email [email protected] he was helpful with a few queries I had.

See you soon.




Can I check, are people taking Euros, US Dollars or Sterling? I'm hearing mixed messages, but think I'm going to go for Euros. Any thoughts? and do you reckon £200 would cover it? All a little vague!



Hi Rosie,

 I'm taking Sterling (no point changing currency twice) but the trip notes say Euros are acceptable.

 In terms of quantity I'm undecided but thinking £400 ish. The trip notes suggest £150 for food not included plus £40 for the leader to tip on our behalf then £2/day leader tip = £28.  So 150+40+28 = £218 before anything else you want to buy assuming you want to tip.

I don't expect to spend anything else on much out there but the chances to top up once we have left the airport will be slim.

 Hope that helps.



Hi Rosie

I went for Euros.....not entirely sure where I got that from, so was wondering if I'd done the right thing! 

I got EUR450 just to be on the safe side, to cover tips and also if we really don't get any access to cash. I guessed if the worse came to the worst Euros are pretty easy to spend elsewhere...


PS - good call on checking with Radek on the down jacket front, Martin....apparently definitely too much! A few layers will do. Saves a bit of space.....

Thanks guys, have just stuck to Sterling after all that!

 I am getting pretty excited - just one night shift at work stands between me and the trip. Woohoo!

Guess I might see you at Nairobi if not before....



Hi all

I'm very sorry not to have made the trip and met up with you all. I hope you had an amazing time.

I unfortunately had a disastrous flight out that left me stranded in Athens for 3 days, then a ridiculous series of connections to even then get out to Madagascar, making it feasibly inpractical to meet up with you all without missing over half the trip. The Kenya Airways experience had already been stressful enough without the prospect of another 3-4 days' travelling on top, only to miss out on so much!

Exodus has been great at getting me home and refunding my trip so I can do it another time, which I fully plan to do, so do let me know how you got on and if you have any tips or highlights for when I hopefully get to do it in the future :-)



Hi Ali,

That sounds awfull.  How did you end up in Athens though.  The rest of the people on your flight obvioulsy had a lucky escape.

 It is a very good trip and the tour leader is excellent. I think the highlight for me was the three days trekking in Andringitra N.P.

As for tips boots not trainers. If you go in July it gets very cold at night on 1/2 nights in Andringitra with frost on the ground on the first night.  Nights in the northern areas were generally cool.  There is a leaving tax of 38,000Ar which isn't in the trip notes.  Other than that the trip notes are pretty comprehensive. 






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