Anyone trying to climb Mount Kenya?

As per title really!

The trip to climb Mount Kenya - TYA departing 15th September is guaranteed so I know some of you are, but are you reading the forums.....


Yes, I'm going. Have you done anything like this before?



Hi Helen,

Nice to see someone else is going :)

I've done a couple of trips like this before, although this one does seem to be somewhat of a whistlestop trek (descend, shower, jump on plane!). Anything that goes to 5000m will pose some challenges no matter what you've done before I think.

Have you done anything like this before?



Hi Rob,

Never done anything this high, only some walking in Scotland and a little in the Alps. After Mt Kenya I'm flying to Tanzania and going up Kilimanjaro. My ambition for a year or two now.

Mt Kenya does seem a whistlestop tour, I agree, but seems to be a fascinating mountain. I'm starting a serious walking programme in the next week. Also some gym work as I live in Hampshire where there are few mountains!

In spite of being a member for 2 years, as it says below, I've never been away with Exodus before.

Have you?



I think Mt Kenya will be excellent preparation for Kili - what route are you doing on Kili?

I've done quite a lot of trips with Exodus - I get the 10% discount :p - including Kili via the Rongai route a couple of years ago, that was a really good trip, summit day is chuffing hard work, the rest is enjoyable.

I've never had a bad trip with Exodus, my Kili outing was essentially sub-contracted out to the African walking company, I imagine that Mt Kenya might be the same.

Have you got all your kit sorted out? 


hi Rob, sorry not to have replied for a month, but it's been a really busy month for me.

I'm off to Glencoe tomorrow for 2 weeks walking - or should I say swimming, judging by the weather down here. Anyway, it will be kill or cure and a chance to really put my boots under test. I have 2 pairs and am nonot sure which pair to take with me.

I have not got my kit sorted out yet and will want to hire sleeping bag and sleeping mat from Exodus somehow. It will have to wait until I come back, though, so hope that will be ok.

I'm doing Kili by the Rongai route. Seems a good one, and it was the one whose timings fitted with Mt Kenya.

Have you done all the vaccinations etc? Am booking an appointment with my surgery for when I return from the North.


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