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Hi there, I have just booked for this trip and am already excited! But reading up a little in various guide books, there are conflicting reports about the weather in northern Laos where it is apparently quite mountainous. Some say it is still hot and humid - day and night - and others say it can be chilly in the evenings and to bring a jacket. As I travel with cabin luggage only, I don't want to waste space on a jacket unless I absolutely need to! Anyone been there before in Jan who can give me first hand facts? Or just to chat about your experience and share some tips!


I'm not booked on your trip but I did do this trip 2 years ago.  I had a fleece with me and certainly needed it in the evenings in Northern Thailand and at the overnight stop on the Mekong.     Our guides for Thailand (A) and Laos (K) were especially good.   (Yes they introduced themselves as A & K.)  A stayed with us in Laos, so we had them both in Laos.  They took us to lovely local restaurants.   I can honestly say it is up there with some of the best holidays I've had (and I've done a fair bit of travelling over the years).  A lot of that came down to our group which was an excellent mix of couples, friends and solo travellers.    I hope you have as memorable time as I did.

Thanks for the heads-up! Just 3 weeks away now. And only 7 on our departure so far, 2 couples and 3 solos.

Yes I've done a lot of traveling in SE asia and I've always taken a jacket for evenings and never worn it as it's always been too warm  but I've not been in January before. But I'll certainly take a fleece if you recommend it (I'll just have to wear it onto the plane).

Enjoy your travels too. 



I think my friend and I have been counted as one of the couples as we are travelling together. Looking forward to meeting everyone. I have not done a trip like this before so have no idea what to expect! All very exciting. We will be getting into Bangkok the morning of 10th as we are on a BA flight direct to Bangkok.

See you there!

Thanks for making contact. Are you another Angela? It will be strange to have two of us!

I am arriving in Bangkok at 12 noon, so hope to be at the hotel by 2pm. From the pre-tour info, the group flight only lands at 6.30pm so they probably won't be at the hotel much before 8.30pm. So I am planning on having an early evening meal and early to bed (after an 18-hour flight from Cape Town to Bangkok via Dubai!). Maybe the two of you would like to join me? I'm planning on going to "Cozy House Restaurant" just diagonally opposite the hotel: it has rave reviews on TripAdvisor. If so leave a note for reception to put in my room: Angela Morton. (I stayed at the Nouvo City Hotel in May 2012 when I was last in Bangkok: it's really good! And there is a little supermarket right next door for snacks and bottled water etc, and a very cheap laundry just opposite if needed.)  See you in 4 days time!

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