AOC Thailand, Laos & Cambodia

Hello Fellow Travellers!!! Anyone else going on this one? 7th of Feb can't come soon enough;)


Well, I'm up for it! Anyone else willing to join? 

Howard Williams - We go where the wind blows.


Isn't the departure date Thursday 7th Feb?

Howard Williams - We go where the wind blows.

Yes it ist;) I have picked the wrong year. Can't seem to be able to edit the post now. Hope nobody will miss their flight because of this. Well spotted;)


This will be our second trip with Exodus, the first 3 years ago to Cuba.

Just been to the doctors for update on injections and prescriptions for malaria and typhoid. How lucky we are in UK not to be too bothered by such things!

Dennis and Viki


I understand that we need visa's for all the countries we are going to visit, but can purchase them on arrival, all except for Vietnam where we need to apply before we leave UK. Is this correct, and has anyone any experience of visas for these countries and for Vietnam?

Howard Williams We go where the wind blows.


Except ......

 We don't need a visa for Vietnam as we're not going there!

Uh ho. And my grandson calls me Ga Ga - maybe not too far from the mark...

Howard Williams We go where the wind blows.

Departing in 2014, going to Vietnam...I think we are both bound to get lost on this trip Howard;))

 Not long to go now!!! I've got my malarone sorted but I didn't think about the typhoid and hep A...I stopped reading the health advice after: 'There are no mandatory vaccinations required on this trip'....but me being rather adventurous about my food....might ring the travel clinic tomorrow;)

 I was perfectly fine on my previous exodus trip to China, drinking snake's blood (yes, freshly squeezed out of a snake) and eating sausages on Mount Emei...but maybe I shouldn't tempt fate too much...   

 Come on!!! Who else is going on this trip??? Show yourselves!!! 

OK...we will come clean...we will be there. Just trying to sort out what we really need  to pack and get my head around the expected temperatures!    

Looking forward to meeting everyone...We are going from Gatwick so we should meet up in Bangkok-

Safe journey everyone ...let the adventure begin   :)


Hubby and I will be travelling from Newcastle to Bangkok via amsterdam and Guangzhou and really looking forward to our first Exodus trip. Any advice/contacts from fellow travellers gratefully received.


I will be travelling from Newcastle with Emirates.

Howard Williams
go where the wind blows.

See you shortly guys! Anyone flying from Heathrow? I'm already here. Departed from Plymouth at 10 this mornig, have been packing till 3 last night;)) Hope I catch some sleep on the plane;) May the journey begin!!!


Departing 14th not 7th! Enjoy yr trip anyway.

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