AOE - Classic Thailand

Hi guys!  Who else is booked up for this amazing trip?


I've just booked a place on this trip. I'll be flying out separately with EVA air, so I'll be meeting you all in Bangkok on the first day. Really excited about the Thai cooking!!



Angela, I'm really excited about the Thai cooking too!  Can't believe it is less than 4 weeks to go.  Are you a solo traveller?


Hi Pauline

Yes, I am travelling on my own. My brother lives in Bangkok so I'm staying on for an extra week after the trip to spend some time with him. He says we need to pack a brolly. 



Angela, I have heard other people speak of this brolly - boooo!  When does your flight get in to Bangkok - are you travelling from Heathrow?  I have just had my trip confirmation through and the flight gets in at 19.00.  It would be nice to meet up if we are on the same flight.


I'll be arriving earlier. I'm on the EVA Air flight that departs Heathrow at 9.35pm on 14th and gets into Bangkok at 3.05pm on the 15th. I hate flying so I opted for a direct flight. I should be at the hotel by the time you all arrive. Which airline are you flying with?

 I'm sure there will be plenty of sunshine too :-)


Good call, I never eve thought about looking into that.  We are flying with Jetairways - never heard of them!  There hasn't been any chat from the other travellers, so I have no idea how many others will be on the trip.  Have you spoken to anyone else?


Hi Pauline

Jet Airways are a good airline so you'll be fine. I haven't spoken to anyone else on the trip. However, I asked at the time of booking in April. There were two couples and two solo females already booked onto the trip. Ages range from 20s to 50s. 


We are on the Jungles and Beaches family adventure to Thailand and are travelling on the same flight.  Never heard of Jet Airways either!  We are a family of 4 so either look out for us... or hide!!

Not long to go now and getting very excited.


Hello everyone,

I've had trouble remembering my password so haven't been on here until now! Thought I'd better sort it out and see who else is going on the Classic Thailand trip. Getting really excited now it's so close! I'm travelling alone and will be catching the evening flight with Jet Air (never heard of them either but have been told they are good too). I'm worried about the connecting flight, having never done one before so a little nervous about missing it! It would be great to meet up with some of you at Heathrow before the flight leaves.




Sarah, Katharine,

It would be great to meet up at Heathrow and check in together etc.  Send me a private email with your phone numbers.  My email address is [email protected]

Speak soon!


I've been getting in the mood. My brother is over at the moment and he cooked us a Thai curry last night with ingredients that he brought over with him. Delicious!

I asked him about security on the trains. He said they're pretty safe and comfortable, but for extra peace of mind you can bring a small padlock and chain to attach your bags to the cage that they are stored in.


I'm also a solo traveller on this trip - I only booked on a couple of weeks ago, though!  I'm on the evening Jet Airways flight that has a stopover in Mumbai, I think.  I did a stop over last year to get to Cuba - we ALL missed the connecting flight, but they always put you on their next available one, so we only had to wait an hour!  Am really looking forward to Classic Thailand, particularly the food.  Athough, I'd quite like a beer too -  I've just got back from Morocco.  During Ramadan!  So I've not had a beer for a fortnight!


I'd be up for meeting at the airport, too.  My email address is [email protected]


See you all there! 

I look forward to meeting you all on Monday. I'll be arriving a few hours before you all so I'll see you at the hotel, hopefully on the balcony with my feet up and a cold beer in my hand by that point. Have a safe journey. :-)


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