AOE Classic Thailand

hi anyone going here to escape the uk snow on 22nd dec??

would love to hear from you...


 I've just booked onto this trip so I'll see you there. When I started enquiring about it at the start of the week, there were already 8 people booked on. I was originally hoping to do the Angkor Wat extension but nobody has yet opted for it so I've stuck to the main trip only. I've just booked my own direct flights as the indirect group flights didn't appeal, so I'm good to go now. Looking forward to another warm Chrismas/new year.



I booked on yesterday.  I was looking through older holiday pictures.  Bad move ;)

I have stuck with the group flight as they are getting difficult, and expensive, to organise.  They also still had seats available.  So the easy option.

I have done the Angkor Wat bit in the past and it is an interesting place.  If you can get on it it is worth it.



Hi Rob, Paula and Alec and anyone else who joins later

I intended to do this trip last xmas /new year and then silly me moved house on the 17th Dec so this is my second attempt! am travelling from Manchester a day earlier than the group - looking forward to it - have travelled with Exodus a couple of times before Morrocco and Turkey - this is a bit further !



You saw my message then.  I was just by chance looking around the forums and saw yours.

I bought my house whilst I was on holiday.  My solicitors were very concerned and happy to see me on my return.

I was sorting through photos from Morocco when I booked this trip.  The sorting has been somewhat delayed as the trip was 3 years ago.  I was in Turkey earlier this year (I have sorted those photos).  I have been to Asia before but not Thailand.  My niece has accused me of stealing her trip ideas.



Hi Rob

Wow seems lots of coincidences - looking forward to meeting up in Thailand  - sounds like you are into photography and there should be plenty to snap out there



hi everyone

i posted the first message and checked back a few times and then assumed that i would get an e-mail when there were replies..  duh...

 we  are very pleased to meet a few people here, our previous exodus  trips havent had anyone else turn up in the forum...

alec and muriel.... we have been on 2 previous exodus trips ,india and earlier in the year the indochina grand tour..there was only a couple of days in thailand and we wanted to come back for another calmer look..we have stayed at the first hotel in bancock before and we are hoping to not do the first days excursion to the temples etc as its the same stuff we did before on the exodus trip..we hope to get to the snake farm in bancock instead.. hopefully our sculling off on the main trail on the first day will be ok..we look forward to spotting any others on the flight..ime the one with long hair....regards  alec/muriel

[email protected]

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