AOG Thai Indochina Grand Tour flying out 2nd July

Hi is anyone else on this trip?

I am getting excited about it! You? 


Hey I am!!! I finn work tomorrow Yeah so my holiday is beginning early!! yeah!!!  SOOO excited!!!!! Have you been on any similar trips?


I have done some shorter trips which were great.  But this trip is in a league of its own!  If it us half as good as I imagine it will be a trip of a lifetime.

 Is it your first? 


yes its my first time. have not done anything like this before im very excited and scared!!!  cant wait!! do you have any advice about anything i may need to bring out of the ordinary that i may not automaticaly thnik of since you are a little more experienced at doing the travelling thing.


The exodus trip notes and advice seem to have everything covered.  I try to travel light because anything that I need on the trip that I dont have I should be able to get out there.  I am trying to get used to the time difference before going to minimise jetlag (hence being up now!!!) and I will stay hydrated and try to relax on the plane.

You dont need to be scared, everyone in the group is up for the trip and we are all probably similar people.  It is in everyones interests to help everyone else.  We are one big happy family!  I think the key is to express your thoughts and feelings early whilst being respectful of other peoples comfort zones.

I am up for anything even if it is outside my normal comfort zone (deep fried spider!) as long as it does not hurt me or someone else.



hey cheers for the comforting words. trying to keep calm and get my stuff organised. Thailand is only 4 hours ahead of where im living now so i should not be too bad an its only six hours ahead for you.  ill try to pack light as best i can for a girl!! lol

 I like to think i have an open mind and try my best to listen and respect others feeling etc... so yeah hopefull we will be one big happy family!!! yeah!!! 

cheers for the chat ;) c u very soon

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