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Counting the days down !!  Pleased to hear from anyone who may be joining the trip...

Let me know if you are buying leeches socks before departure.


We hadn't planned to get them.  My thought is that they might encourage the little blighters to go further up your leg!  I had one on my leg when we were in Nepal - didn't realise till we stopped to check.  They're really not that unpleasant, and came off with a little salt, provided by our guide.

We're on the Trails of Borneo departing on 22nd Oct - so good luck with your trip.

Hi there! I'll be on the trip. I have an impeccable source (Stephen Fry on QI!) who said that you just let the little fellas take their fill and they then just drop off after a few minutes. However, the blurb said we should be able to buy the socks locally, so I'm leaving it until then. (Haven't found any in my local outdoor shops so far). Looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you for your suggestions.  I am not sure about my blood donation to the jungle. 

I also tried to buy the socks in Canada without success.  I will buy them in Kota Kinabalu.

Carol, enjoy your trip.

Keith, I am looking forward to see you in Borneo.  I will be with my husband, Martin.


Just wanted to let you know that leeches were just a minor annoyance on this trip last year.  Only a few people ended up with actual leech bites.  We mostly discovered them on our boots or socks and quickly flicked them off.  Specialized leech socks were not needed (nobody in our group had them).  Have a great trip!  I highly recommend adding a scuba dive onto the end of your trip - the diving was amazing!

I am very pleased that you enjoyed your trip last year. 

We are planning to do some snorkelling near Kota Kinabalu during our 'free day'.  Did you go to Pulau Mamutik in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park?

We are not certified divers and our return flight is already booked (can't extend the trip).   


Has anyone from the October trip heard from Henry with email addresses, etc? I have some photos I'd like to share.

We didn't received the email addresses from Henry.

I will send you the emails from other travellers 


Please check as well.

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