AON - Discover Burma - Departing 17th March


I am booked on this trip as a single traveller, who else is going?

Looking forward to hearing from any fellow travellers, Andy



Hi Andy, just seen your post. I'm joining this trip in Yangon on the Sunday (I've arranged my own flights as I'm heading onto another destination after the Burma trip).

I've just spent this morning sending off for my visa from the Myanman embassy. Fingers crossed it'll be back in a couple of weeks. I always hate sending my passport away! Cheers, John



I am also booked on this trip as a single traveller.  Joining the tour in Yangon on Sunday from Malaysia.  Im coming from Geneva, Switzerland.  Just drop off my visa application this morning.  Very exciting as it's all coming together finally.  Can't wait to experience Myanmar.

Am a bit anxious as this is my 1st ever organised tour holiday.  Not sure what to expect.  So, hoping it all pens out well.

 Any tips for a newbie like me for organised tours?  Either way, Im looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing a beautiful country. 

Cheers, Nush


Hi Nush, I've only been on one organised tour...a few years I'm probably not the best person to give you advice. I usually arrange my own trips, but found it difficult to get responses from various hotels/ agencies in Myanmar. The tour I went on was good. I think the trick is to take advantage of the pre-arranged activities/ excursions at each of the long as they're the places you want to visit. If not, don't be afraid to do your own thing. See you on the 17th. John

Hi Andy, John and Nush,

I'm also booked on this trip as a single traveller. Went to the embassy on Friday and visa should be ready in 10 days. Also booked my own flight and will be arriving on Saturday.

Nush, I've travelled several times on organized trips with Exodus and similar companies, the benefit is you don't have to worry about organizing transport and accomodation, and you have flexibility of joining the group acitivities or do your own thing. But usually you find some excellent company in these groups !

See you in Myanmar, Veronique


Hi John and Veronique, thanks for all your input.  Taking all your tips on board.  Picked up my visa, all set to go.

C u all soon in Yangoon on 17 March.  Cheers Anushia


Morning everyone,

I was told to meet the group coming from London at 12.30 pm at reception at Asia Plaza Hotel on Sunday, 17 March.  Just wanting to confirm with Veronique or John, if this is your instructions too as you will be joinging the group in Yangon directly.  Thanks.  Cheers Anushia

Hi Anushia, actually your info is more precise than mine. Mine says the group flight lands at 11:15, but there will be a message from the tourleader or a note on the welcome board at reception, providing more info on when and where to meet the group. On previous trips the tourleader usually contacted me before the group arrived.

See you soon ! Veronique

We have recently returned from The Discover Burma trip and had a fantastic time. Excellent guide, full itinerary as always and very friendly people. You'll really enjoy the trip. But I managed to bring back some Burmese kyats which you can't change in the UK, so I'm happy to offer a very favourable exchange rate. If interested, please contact me at [email protected] or give me a ring on 01494865884.  Cheers Ron

Sorry about not replying after starting the thread, I assumed that I would be get an email from the forum if someone posted to it and then forgot all about it. I've just seen the "Notify me of any updates to this thread" button below :-)

I have also arranged my own flights and am flying out on Friday, so will be in the Asia Plaza Hotel Saturday night, is anyone else staying the night before? I won't arrive until late evening but hopefully enough time for a drink.

Nush, don't be anxious about joining an organised tour, I have been on quite a few now and so far have always had an excellent time with a really good group of people.

Not long now :-)

Cheers,  Andy





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