AOV Vietnam 22nd October 2011

Anyone else booked for this date?


We are going on 22nd. Is this the same trip....... Guess it must be? Feels real now since we've just had our jabs, and the visa is sitting ready in the passports. BRING IT ON!!!! Are you flying on the Saturday?

Rosie and Russ


Same trip - not as prepared as you though.  Just applying for visas.  We're flying on the Friday so we can go from Manchester.  So looking forward to it - it looks a fantastic trip!

 Look forward to meeting you both.  When we  booked there were only 2 other on the trip so we may be a select group!


Julie and Chris.


We are intrigued to know who else will be going too!

Have you travelled with Exodus before? This is our first but comes highly recommended by a couple of buddies who have now done 4 and about to go  on their 5th.........Not wishing the next 2 months away but now really wanting it to come!


Not been with Exodus before but have done similar trips with Explore. Can"t find our trip on the site now so perhaps it is full!

Roll on October! Not feeling too bad about the end of summer now!


You didn't give us your name. This is turning into a great International  trip! Don't worry about it being couples. Everyone will get on, I'm sure. You don't choose a trip like this if you are not outgoing and adventurous. We'll all have that in common......


Im happy to travel with you , Im not worry , I just  curius about who will share with me the room. Ohhh my name is Ana 


Hi my name is Lou and I will be going on the Indochina  Angkor Wat trip on the 22nd of October. Ny friend Nicky is also joining me. I ve not travelled with Exodus before, but a friend just got back from this trip and has written some great reviews on this trip. Look forward to meeting you all, we fly with the Exodus group from Heathrow on the 22nd.

best wishes



Hi Lou

Think yours is a different trip.......ours is just Vietnam.

There is a different chat group for your trip.

Hope you have a good one!!


Hi two more for the trip, both Brian so we are sometimes known as young Brian and Old Brian. You can judge for yourself which is which. Really looking forward to the trip which is the start of a 6 week holiday for me. Off to Thailand and then New Zealand afterwards to see two of my kids and do some more cycling.

Must get the miles in.


Brian ?> 

rosierus we are at least 7 so far.

I'm now getting really hyped up and ready. Trying to get as fit as possible. Are you all doing the anti malaria thing?


Hi I'm Jo - and doing MOV (cycling trip right??) its my 50th birthday present from my husband tho he's holding fort at home!! So I'm travelling alone too! Really pleased I've found others and a single (Ana!)

Jo Hyne


sorry - meant to put yes i'm taking malarone with me for malaria!

Jo Hyne


Hi Jo

It's all getting close now.......ours is a 30th wedding present to ourselves and Russ' impending 60th birthday, so we'll have lots to celebrate.

When are you flying out and from which airport?



Hi Rosie,

I'm flying from heathrow on 22nd Oct at midday - what about you? How much training are you putting in?? We should have a night when we celebrate all the events!!

 Jo Hyne


Have to admit to looking on in trepidation at this weekend's disastrous flooding. Poor folk and poor country.

Hope our trip will go ahead.......


I agree re trepidation! I have a friend whos father lives in Hanoi who says roads are pretty bad especially for cyclists.....

Jo Hyne


We'll just have to trust Exodus: They won't risk a trip if it looks dodgy.

Realise I didn't answer your question about training. As far as recent months go, just about ticking over, cycling a couple of times a week ,usually comfortably doing 20/25 miles. BUT we do live on the Romney marsh, so it is flat ( though  often windy). We'll look out for you on Friday week at Heathrow!


Think it seems to have been windy all Summer wherever you live!

My departure date is 22nd which is the Saturday i think (or hope it is!) If you go on the Friday, I'll see you there with our rainmacs!

Jo Hyne


Hello all! I will also be joining you on the Vietnam trip! I am traveling solo and have done 4 Exodus trips in the past. The most recent was 2 weeks in Japan climbing Mt Fuji and Yarigatake- an amazing experience and I just adored Japan! I think for those of you who are new to exodus that you will be happy with your choice. I use them because I like trips that are planned for me and I just get to show up and enjoy the adventure! If you're open minded and don't mind a schedule you'll appreciate the format! My only advice (which I learned the hard way in Japan) is to bring a back pack or some sort of luggage that is easy to carry with you. When you're always packing up and on foot to buses, trains, boats etc there are always steps and cumbersome luggage is NOT fun! That's it from me- looking forward to meeting everyone! -Brandi  


Hi Brandi,

Looks like we are going to have a good mix of folk.

Thanks for your advice.....

Jo...... We leave on 22nd too.........will be overnight stopping in a hotel on Friday night to check in 9.30/10 ish.....See you there :)


Hello...we are Andrew and Penny from Derbyshire and will be at Heathrow on the 22nd with our bags packed - helmets, pedals, Deet and Malarone Looking forward to meeting you! 


Hi Brandi, Andrew and Penny - see you at the airport! Brandi I have yet to buy my bag as all ours are pretty conventional cases - any advice on make/size etc??


Hi there, I'm on this trip but depart from Edinburgh and change at Paris to Hanoi so i guess i will meet you all at the hotel. Am almost ready and getting excited now but worried about the floods and hungry crocadiles making their way through the Mekong Delta. Has anyone heard anything from Exodus??

Looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing the adventure.



Hope not to get too close to Crocodiles!!! eeek.

Exodus have sent us a message to say there is no reason to worry: the trip will go ahead

Looking forward to meeting you all. I now make it 12 of us.

See you next week!!!


Crocodiles even! Must be having a blonde day...


After having a panic I had booked a cycling trip by mistake I worked out there are two trips on here(phew!)
We are travelling to Hanoi under our own steam too and will get there on the 22nd so are looking forward to meeting up with those on AOV at the hotel. Not yet ready but so looking forward to it! Julie

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