AOV- Vietnam Adventure

Hi Guys,

 Anyone heading on the Vietman Adventure leaving the 31st Oct.  Cant wait myself.  Counting down the days.  Looking forward to hearing from other fellow travellers.




Hi Everyone

Well Cat you did start counting down quite early. Just four weeks to go from yesterday (02.10.10). My count down has now begun.

With all this time left Id like to think I wont be rushing around the day before to try to get things ready. Im sure I will be though. Some things just dont change.

Has anyone else started counting down yet?

Would be great to hear from others in the group.



Hi Richard,

A post at last, was thinking i was the only one heading on this trip. Definately getting close now, really looking forward to it. Hope you are all ready.
Any one else travelling would be great to hear from you guys. Cat


Hi all, also starting to count down. I can garantee you the trip is fully booked as I was the last person to join ;-). Caroline


just got my anti-malaria tablets for this trip so i guess it's all very real now, although when the nurse told me about the chance of leprosy and rabies i momentarily wondered if a more suitable holiday in skegness was more appropriate ; )


Even more scary are the floods and typhoons overthere for the moment...


Guys tis all about the adventure, bring it on!


Hello, and there was me thinking I was so well organised. I hadnt considered anti-malaria tablets this time. I do hope you dont have to have the servere ones where you have very vivid dreams. I best go to the chemist pronto.
We leave in just over a week.
Good job I logged into this site again:-O


no surprise that the anti-malaria tabs with no side effects cost between £40-£80, i felt a little hot paying £70 for mine...i'll be slapping those mosquitoes double hard to compensate for being out of pocket!


I thought I was so organised as well. I received the the visa over a month ago. New camera about a month ago as well. Im looking at the Lloyds Pharmacy site and I think it will cost me a few quid to get everything I need.
The slight concern is do I risk waiting until Monday and get the necessary jabs through my GP.
As for the side-effect of the anti-malaria tablets, I will quiz the chemist, drink quite a bit to know me out of an evening or be slapping those little blighters just to make sure.


It appears everyone is so much more organised than me! Are most of you coming out from the UK? I'll be joining you from Australia, hoping to catch up with your flight at the airport.

Looking forward to meeting you all and having a great trip!



I was told everybody came from UK except me, joining from Belgium. Coming very soon now ;-)


Guys joining from Ireland, so close now cant wait

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