AOX Indochina


Anyone out ther booked on the A)W Indochina tour in August?




Hello there...I'm about to book for August 2nd. I heard that at the moment there is only one person booked on. Is that you?

Margaret :)

Hi there...I've definitely booked on this tour on the 2nd August. I'm really excited but a nervous flyer! Are you going?
If so it would be great to be in touch.


Hi there,

Im booked on this trip and can't wait! :)


Hi Alexandra,

Good to hear from you. Are you flying from Heathrow? If so it would be great to meet up at the airport. They say there are three women and a family of four...nice small crowd! My email is above and my phone is 07834 560401 if you would like to get in touch. I live in London so it's nice and easy for me. It looks like a fab trip!

Margaret :)

Hi Alexandra,

Good to hear from you. The trip sounds amazing doesn't it! Are you flying from Heathrow on the 2nd too? If so it would be great to meet up at the airport. I live in London so it's very easy for me to get there.. My email address is above so it would be great to hear from you.

Margaret :)

Sorry, I thought the first message didn't work :)

Hi there,

Im flying from Gatwick as I live on the South Coast so its a bit easier for me.

Im flying to arrive in HCMC at around 7:30pm on August 3rd. What time do you arrive? Im sure we will all meet at the hotel.

Im really looking forward to it - Camera fully charged!!


Hi there,

Oh that's a shame. I'm a nervous flyer so was hoping to find someone to fly with lol! I'm arriving on the 3rd at 10.00am so will have a whole day before you arrive! I'm really looking forward to the trip so I guess I'll see you in the evening of the 3rd!
Margaret :)

It sounds like you may have the best deal as you probably fly in the evening. I get to HCMC at 10.00am so hopefully can sleep on the plane! I can't wait for the trip.....I never know what to pack but I'm well used to taking less after doing a few Exodus trips. See you on he 3rd!

Margaret :)

Hi there Alexandra
My messages don't seem to be appearing here!

I'm getting in to HCMC at 10.00am so I seem to have a whole extra day there.

I'm really excited now! No doubt we'll meet up at an Exodus meeting in the evening.

The family in our party are on my flight. If you are out there I'll possibly see you at Heathrow!

Margaret :)

Hi Margaret,

It takes a whole for the posts to show up as I think they have to be vetted by Exodus.

Yes, thats why I chose Gatwick so I could get in and sleep also as I find Heathrow so stressful.

Im sure you will be fine. Take a book to take your mind off of the flight.

See you in the evening on the 3rd (or first thing on the 4th)


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