AOX - Thai Indochina Explorer

I'm going on this trip, departing 19th November. Just wondered if any fellow travellers were out there...

Hi, 2 of us (Scott & Sharon) also on the trip. Very excited as first time for either of us to visit that region

It's my first time in SE Asia too.  It seems that this trip gives a good insight into the area and we'll be seeing quite a lot in a relatively short time.  I panicked a bit earlier this week when I realised my bank couldn't order Vietnamese or Cambodian currency...I guess it's US dollars until Thailand...?

Hi. Cambodian seems to be impossible to get anywhere but HSBC can order Vietnamese currency, takes 24-48 hours to come in if that is any help.

Thanks for that tip.  I may just rely on my trusty debit card as the trip notes say there are plenty of ATMs out there.  Trying to decide spending money requirements for one country is hard enough! 

Are you also on this trip or have you been before?

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