AOX Thai Indochina who else is going? SAT 12th FEB

Anyone esle joining me on this trip?  Be good to know who else is going?



Have you found out how many have booked? Hope it's a good sized group. Looks a fun trip - and not long to wait now.




Yes there's 9 apparently so far, this will be my first trip on my own, are you travelling solo?


Not sure how much ££ to take, any thoughts?


Yes, travelling solo. Haven't a clue what to pack or how much to take - I'll have to get some planning done quickly. Not long till we go.




Hi guys

I'm also on this trip and also travelling solo.  It's my 5th trip with Exodus although all the rest have been trekking trips (thought I'd give myself an easy life for a change). I've just had a really manic period with work so haven't had chance to even think about what to take let alone pack. I've got my Veitnam visa sorted and that's about it! 

Not worked out how much money to take yet but according to the trip notes we need $30 for the Cambodia visa, $25 Cambodia departure tax, approx £180 for meals, about £50 for group tips kitty & leaders' tips plus money for drinks, souvenirs, optional extras etc. It looks like cash machines are also an option.

Look forward to meeting you all



Hi Guys

We are  also booked on this trip and looking forward to it a lot. We have been booked on a different flight (Thai airways) from the rest of the group. Anybody else on this flight?

to K_i_m: We are packing long sleeve shirts and lightweight cotton/linen long trousers and full strength DEET repellent.

Edward and Rachele





Hi Edward & Rachele

I'm on the group flight with Malaysian Airways via Kuala Lumpur. We leave Heathrow at 1050 on 12 Feb and arrive in HCMC at 1000 on 13 Feb. When do you arrive?

Look forward to meeting you.



Hi Michelle

We're on Thai TG911 + 550 to Ho Chi Minh, arriving at 9:15 on the 13th. We are joining the group at the airport. Looking forward to meeting you.





I'm also on the Malaysian airways flight from Heathrow on Sat at 1050.

If anyone wants to meet at the airport - look forward to seeing you there, call or text me on 07852 273860

I'm taking about £500ish in total just in case of emergencies, as figure £200 for meals etc, £100 for souvenirs/gifts, £50 ish for tips for the leaders, bit for the optional trips/cooking class, and I already have my Cambodian visa.

Have packed a couple of long skirts, some linen trousers, couple of linen shirts and just t-shirts/vests etc.  Struggling to decide which will be the comfiest shoes though.




I'm joining you on this trip.  Also on the 10.50 heathrow flight.  Look forward to meeting you all. Will try to contact  you at the airport. Not taking much.





Hmm - having just read those comments I think I need to restart my packing to include some long sleeved clothes.

I'm on the 11.50 flight from Heathrow - see you all in Bangkok.



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