APX - Peru Explore: 27 August Dep

Anyone booked on this trip? really started to get excited / nervous about it :) so many questions about what is gonna be like, what to take etc :) going to be crazy, 43 days to go :)

We are also on this trip - I posted a similar question in March but had no replies so it's good to hear from  someone who is going. We're also wondering what to take, I think, clotheswise, just plenty of things that can be worn as layers & peeled off as and when necessary. We're really looking forward to the trip, it's getting very close now! Sandra & John


Hi Sandra & John, yer good idea still lot of things I want to check - better to ask before then when onsite :) keep thinking of stuff to ask Rebecca the Exodus rep, hopefully they have a list of kit they recommend you take, little things like Walking poles with plastic tips, and as someone pointed out the little essentials like toilet roll on the Inca trail (not many toilets up there!) haha little things always good to learn.

Hi Ian, I really must make a list of the things I need to check on otherwise I'm sure to forget to ask an important question! We've had all of our vaccinations now, just got to buy the malaria tablets, shopping around at the moment to find the best price! We're not flying with the main group as we wanted to stop off in Miami on the return journey, so we're flying with American Airlines. We'll meet up with the rest of you in Lima, we arrive a little later than you on 27th August. Sandra


Hi Guys

There is some chat going on on page 1 as well - several threads open re this trip.

Cheers, and see you soon! (very excited)

Charlie & Kirstin


Well guys, I have managed to confuse people by "highjacking" the threads relating to the TPD Peru trip and not the APX trip (our trip) - who'd have thoguht there were so many different trips to Peru LOL.

 Anyway, looking forward to finding out who is actually on the trip with kirstin and I.

See you soon, Charlie

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