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Hi, I'm Tony and I've booked this trip on my own. My wife does not like small boats but I've always wanted to visit the Galapagos. I'm flying via Madrid - I did not fancy the paperwork involved with going via the US. This is my second Exodus trip. I did AZJ Johannesburg To Cape Town with my wife and a couple of friends last September. I enjoy wild-life photography and travel in general.

To would be great to hear from other trip members.


Hello Tony. We have been wanting to go to the Galapagos for a long time. Getting there seemed a prob. Can you share any info on your via Madrid flight please? We are off to Morocco this year as our first Exodus holiday. But the Galapagos is way up pour list for future hols. Much appreciated. Have a great time! Anna


My flights are these via American Airlines:


Date             Leaves  Dep            Flight no       Dest                   Arrives


28Oct13        LHR      0715           IB3161          Madrid Barajas    1051

28Oct13        Madrid  1215           IB6463          Quito                 1625


14Nov13        Quito    1745           IB6464          Madrid               1405

15Nov13        Madrid  1630           IB3166          LHR                   1750


This looks like and Iberia flights (I hope so as the reviews of American Airline flights in last Sunday’s Times were terrible.)


Enjoy Morocco






Hi Tony,

Many thanks for you trouble in sending flight details. Thay look like quite good connections too. Makes it all feel possible for us. Lucky you. Good luck with the photography; a very special place (which might limit access to tourists in the future). Bon voyage.




My name is Peter and my partner Rob will be going on this amazing trip.

Hi Tony, looking forward to meeting you.



Is anyone else flying via Madrid?



No we have stuck with the Exodus flight plan allthough I'm not to happy about our transit of USA.

Have you been to Galapagos? Any suggestions?



I've not been here before but I had bought annual travel insurance in January without the extra cost for North America so asked for an alternative route when I booked.



My husband and I are going from Manchester and going via Amsterdam, staying overnight in Amsterdam to avoid missing the next flight we were given, as this was too tight.

Shela .A.Hills

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