Are You Mad To


Are you brave (or maybe mad) enough to of booked this one.

If so it maybe useful to swop tips on avoiding the piranhas/snakes or even how to get fit enough to walk 22 miles at over 2,000 metres when everything round here is less then 200.


Hi Lesley & Nick

Yep we're going on same departure as you - Good question 22 miles at 2000 metres mmmm not sure but guess what the New Year's resolution is?

Hill walking, running and the gym here we come - at least that's the theory!!

Mari & Pete



Hi Mari & Pete

It sounds like we're on the same wavelength, whilst I'm doing the walking, Lesley's is trying the gym, let's see how it goes. I also think a trip to Scotland or Wales may be order for next summer.

Given that the holiday is guaranteed, there must at least 4 other people on this trip to, so 8 mad people in a canoe down the Amazon sounds like fun.

Have you ever been on this sought of holiday before ? 

Lesley & Nick 







No not been on this sort of holiday per se as in walking but we have been on adventure trips to Botswana namibia and Antarctica - you?

We too are thinking walking in North Wales in the Summer - Scotlands too far for us.  Sorry not posted til now but ticked the button to ask to be updated if you added anything to thread and it did not update me - thought you had not been on here.  Will keep an eye on it in future.

I have first session with personal trainer at Gym this weekend to ask for help to develop strength!

We've only been to Vietnam with Exodus, but have tried Dog-Sledging in Norway & travelling in Costa Rica over the years. As for walking holidays I walked the West Highland Way & climbed Ben Nevis earlier this year. But we have a feeling the extra altitude makes this something different.

Lesley's joined the gym and has had her induction, so it likes we've all started, lets see how we continue.

The next thing is what do we pack, lets see what Santa brings and then work from there.

Have a very Merry Christmas and here's to 2010. 





Santa is bringing some guide books and a book about trekking the trail. 

Can I be cheeky and ask how old you are I am 42.  



Santa's bringing us some walking poles and other necessities for Peru (we hope).

As for the age bit, Lesley is 54 and I'm 50, but we're young at heart. Just out of curiosity how old is Pete?

Hope Santa is good to you both? 




Pete's 55 and again young at heart!


We live in Wiltshire where do you live?

I assume you fly out of Heathrow with us?


We live in Bedfordshire.

Yes we are flying out of Heathrow, based on previous experience we are flying out 24 hours earlier. That gives us a day to unwind in Lima before the holiday starts. We are flying back with the group.

As this is an open noticeboard - is there anyone else out there going on Inca Trail & Amazon Rainforest trip starting 11th September 2010. ?






Sorry to see no one else has joined  in the forum - anyone out there coming with us we'd love to hear from you?

Meanwhile - Lesley and Nick -  hows your training going?  I have been pretty good at going to the gym and been swimming starting to feel a bit fitter already.  Pete hasn't done much although did come swimming - he's waiting for the weather to improve so we can get out walking.



There must be someone else out there, going on this holiday, so come on declare your insanity.

The training isn't going to well, mainly due to the weather. We've both walking last weekend, but the gym has taken a backseat for a while.

Been busy buying equipment in the sales, including 2 sleeping bags (see news page on Exodus Community for tips), liners yet to come. The next step is to sort a packing list.

Hoping it will warm up soon, I can then get back into some serious walking and Lesley can get back to the gym.

Take care and good luck with the training.




Hi good to hear from some fellow travellers. We are Bob and Jan , live in West Wales, enjoy walking and adventure, well you have to enjoy walking with 2 labradors! Recent trips to Antarctica and walking the Milford and Routeburn tracks in NZ in 2008,

I have a friend who did this trip 3 years ago ,also in september, she had a great time.

She wasn't troubled by the altitude, it should be fine as we only have to carry a day pack

We are of a similar age


Welcome to the mad house, it is good to talk to some more fellow travellers.  Six down and at least two to go.

It is nice to know at least one person has survived and enjoyed this trip.

I think the next eight months are going to pass very quickly we better get some training in.  We are thinking of doing some hill walking in Snowdonia as practice in June, we may even combine this with some camping!!!

 Keep in touch and let us know how the training is coming on 




Hi Bob and Jan

Well we have a lot in common - I grew up in South Wales and my Dad lives in West Wales.  We too have been to Antarctica (2006)  and New Zealand (2009) although did not attempt any long walks there - did some short walks and a bit of Glacier Walking.

Are you two already very fit or trying to get fit for September?

Mari (and Pete)


Hi All

 I am also booked on the Peru trip in September.  It's just me, myself and I but I can't wait.


Hi Lydia (me myself and I)

Welcome - have you done this sort of thing before - tell us a little more about you - how old are you and are you fit or getting fit for it?

Mari (& Pete)


HI Mari and Pete

I am 35 and have never done a trip like this before although have done quite a bit of travelling.  I go to the gym quite a bit and enjoy walking.  I think it is the altitude sickness that I am unsure how it will affect me.  Are you both training?



I am training in the Gym and doing some running - Pete has been waiting for weather to improve to get out walking - we did our first one today.  6 miles up and down hills made difficult by residual snow and ice.

We have never done a trek like this either.

What past of the country are you from?


Welcome Lydia, to the select group of Inca Trailers. It's nice to there are seven of us, any more please let us know.

We're also concerned about the altitude,  but the book says if you drink plenty of water and take it easy everything will be fine. Thousands of people have done it before so I'm sure we can.

As for the training, Lesley's been down the gym this morning and I've been for my usual 12 mile walk round the Bedfordshire hills (or lack of them).

Lesley & Nick 







I am worried that you think those of us going are all mad?  Is it true?  Actually yep you have a point holiday mm let me see lets do the hardest trek I have ever done and risk altitude sickness - yep mad sounds right after all.  Pete would say yeh but think of the photos we can take!  Me I'll just be happy to do it.



We both went out shopping at the weekend and bought new walking boots, I'm amazed to say that I actually wore the last pair out. It took a while but they took me to some amazing places, hoping the new ones do as well. We have new year fitness resolutions just need to get out there and walk.

A few of my antarctic photos are on my flickr site any other keen photographers going?

Hi All

Judging by your photos of Antartica, very impressive,  you can teach the rest of us something about taking pictures. I must admit our limitation is point and click photography and with a bit of luck something good comes out.

We've avoided buying new boots, but our shopping list has included 2 new sleeping bags plus some walking poles. We're not about the liners whether they should be silk or cotton.

The one thing we are not sure about is insurance, should we just go with the exodus policy or shop around, does anyone have any ideas?

Lesley & Nick 


Has anyone seen the news about South Eastern Peru today, unprecedented flooding, landslides and 2500 people stuck on the Inca Trail. It just goes to show we must be mad.

Mind you we have got 8 months to go, and Exodus to advise us on the situation, it's the local I feel sorry for.

Just remember to pack your waders.








Guess that's why we chose September not January!


It's all gone very quiet, so I can only assume that everybody is busy walking (with the dogs or not) or going down the gym.

With only seven months to go, our adventure together is getting nearer and nearer, I trust we are all looking forward to the mixture of jungle and mountains.

One quick question for the group - has anyone given any thought to using a different insurance company or are you just sticking with the Exodus solution.

Take care.



Insurance - we have an annual policy with Norwich Union so we are covered for all trips - we tend to find a single trip insurance works out too expensive if you go away more than once a year.

Also sleeping bag liners we are not using cotton or silk we found some thermal ones which supposedly increase temp by 5 degrees - if you r interested I can let you have more details


Thanks Marie for the info, I can see were going to have to ring round a few insurance companies to what they have to offer. Just remembering that we need it to cover high altitude trekking.

If you could let me have the details of the liners you've been looking, I'll add them to our list.

How's things going with everyone else ?

Lesley & Nick  


am not on this trip, but just a word of warning, most 'standard' insurance does not cover trips going over 4000m (best check, my friend nearly got caught out save for a last minute check), which if you go via Chivay, you will do (not sure if you do). The Exodus policy is a good one (and I took it when travelling in Peru with them in 2006). Comparable is 'dogtag' which gives the same level of insurance for a very similar (slightly cheaper) price - I have used them since and am using them again for my trip to Vietnam this year.


I'm not on this trip either but I always use InsureandGo including for my Inca trek and the Himalayas. I have the Black level- cover is superior in every way but cheaper.


Guess the image I pasted didn't work - sorry!!!!


As I thought these two go together nicely.

Thank you for your responses about the insurance, I can see we're going to have to do a bit more research. We're sure you'll enjoy Vietnam, we were there in 2008 with Exodus, tiring but great.

Thanks Marie, for the liner info, I've found the link, plus a couple of other useful bits in the same place.

For those going on the trip, have noticed our dates are no longer available on the site, which means we are full. 16 of us are therefore in for 2 weeks of fun & aching muscles.

Will the other 9 please make themselves known.


Morning All

Six months from today we'll all be on our way to the Amazon Rainforest for the first leg of our adventure. How's everyone doing, our training going fine, twice a week down the gym  for Lesley and weekly walks for me. All we need to do now is pratice walking up hill.

How is everyone else doing, we'd be interested to hear.

Take care, Nick





I'm with Lesley - been down the gym concentrating on toning up and strengthening.  Pete not done much although we are off Easter weekend to Brecon Beacons to do some walking then May Bank Holiday to Dartmoor walking.

Bought some nice new walking poles last week - always makes you feel better even if you haven't used them doesn't it?

May try and get out walking this weekend if weather permits!


Time seems to be flying by, but the trainings not getting any easier.  This necessitates some drastic action, so I'm off to sunny Wiltshire for the May Bank Holiday to walk the Sarsen Trail. While I'm walking 26 miles, Lesley's going to be laying a new flooring as part of her fitness regime.

Our hill walking is coming in June, with a trip to Snowdonia. We're doing this the hard way , camping!!!

We've been splashing out and bought a few more bits and pieces to keep us and the luggage dry as I'm sure it rains in the rainforest.

How's everyone elses plans coming along, it would be good to hear from you.

Lesley & Nick 




For May Bank Holiday we will be leaving Sunny Wiltshire to go to Dartmoor Walking - do enjoy our lovely part of the world. 


Here's wishing you all a very Happy Easter, just over 5 months to go before we descend upon Peru and the rainforest and Andes.

It would be good to hear from you all again, even if just to check that you're still alive and the training's going strong.

Is anyone else flying out on the Friday, or are you all going out on the Saturday ?

Speak soon





Went to Brecon for Easter camping in a VW camper - snow hampered the walking but we did climb 3 peaks - all on Easter Sunday - the only day for walking - legs still aching!

Sorry Nick as you know we go out Saturday.



Well I have to admit my first experience of Wiltshire was something else, walking from Avebury to Stonehenge was marvellous the scenery would of been wonderful if only we could see it.

In true British fashion it was blowing a gale and pouring with rain, at least I know the waterproofs work. I trust you all had better bank holiday weather then I did.  

It would be great to hear from everyone else again.





We went to Dartmoor for the weekend and managed to walk on each of 4 consecutive days - total of 30 miles.   Longest walk was 11 miles.  Like you Nick weather was somewhat less than perfect.

Also we have changed our flights out to Peru we too are going a day earlier to allow for jet lag etc.

How's everyone else doing out there?


Hi All

Well what do you expect from UK Bank Holiday Weather, it usually rains. Our next expedition is to Snowdonia in June, for what hopefully will be four days of hill walking, it'll be the nearest we get to the Andes.

Great news somebody else is flying out the day before, have you booked your transfer from the airport and hotel through Exodus ? 

Has anyone found out to reserve seats on our Continental Airlines flights ? 

Happy walking

Lesley & Nick 




Hotel booked through Exodus - Hotel Antigua Miraflores -  not sure about hotel transfer - need to look at that - email me privately on if you want and we can liase re this if we are staying at same hotel.

Apparently according to Exodus you cant reserve seats until final payment made for holiday




Ok lesson here is you cannot paste anything into these boxes!


Hi folks

What did you all get upto over the bank Holiday?  We went to Northern Ireland and went for a walk in the Mourne Mountains - a mixture of scenary and some good ups and downs over rough ground - sound like the Inca Trail - I hope so!  Was pleased to say it did not feel as hard as I think it would have at the start of the year.  Maybe the training is paying off!

Hows everyone else doing?


Hi All

Well done Mari & Pete, you must be doing something right. We'll let you know at the end of the month, after we've climbed Snowdon, wether our plan is working just as well.

How are the rest of you doing ?

Lesley & Nick 




Kind of focusses your mind doesn't it to get the final bill for the holiday - only about 10 weeks to go I believe.  Is everyone excited?

I'm excited and I think shocked into getting back to some more serious training from today!!!!!



I agree with you Mari it is getting nearer.  We have had all our injection, purchased all the bits and pieces now all I need is the energy and determination for the climb up dead womans pass (oh! my god).

Has anyone got any ideas of how many sets of clothes they are packing as the laundry facilities seem to be limited to one.  It is either that or we will all be very dirty together, we are going to need plenty of wet ones.

Speak to you soon 




Hi All

We must of all paid for this exciting trip by now, so we have definately committed ourselves.

One thing I have just found is that those of us who are travelling via the USA need to complete the new US Immigration ESTA form (failure to do so may prevent or delay your transit through the USA).

The form can be filled in on-line, just google ESTA, and you'll end in the right place. Registration is FREE so don't let anyone charge you.

See you September, fully kitted out and at the peak of fitness (I think)





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