Atlas Descent

Hi - Would be good to hear from others doing this trip. I'm going out there a day early and returning a day later as I live in N West and Heathrow is a bit of a pain to get to. I arrive in Marrakech and have to find my own way to Agadir. Anyone done this before - any tips?? Looking forward to this one!!


Hi me and my husband are coming.

We are coming with the Exodus group.

Are you having any vaccinations before you go?

We have been with Exodus before dog sledding in the Arctic which was amazing.

We are really road cyclists so a little worried re the mountain biking!!  However are up for just about anything I suppose! Are you a mountain biker yourself?  Have you been with Exodus before?

Better go speak soo.

Hi Linda

I was advised to have the following vaccinations:-

Diptheria/Tetanus/Polio (all together with 1 injection); Typhoid and Hepatitus A. I already had these as I travel a lot and only needed a booster for Hepatitus A. I'm told it's not a high risk malaria region so haven't got any tablets for that. Luckily for me my GP surgery offers a vaccination service so it was all free. Try ringing yours and tell them where you are going and ask their advice.

I mountain bike quite a lot but am far from an expert, so like you am hoping I can keep up but it's some comfort to know that ther's a 4 x 4 following if any of us need a helping hand.

I'm sure we will all get along fine and look forward to meeting you and your husband

Cheers for now.Tony

Thanks Tony have popped to the clinic to org them.

See you in a few weeks!!



Hi everyone on the Atlas Descent trip. Thought I would say hello and join the chat before we go out in 2 weeks!  Linda I am not a great mountain biker, though I have been trying to get back out lately.  I have been doing some road riding to try and get the legs used to the mileage and am doing a bit of mountain biking, but havent tried anything too difficult. I may be the one at the back, cautiously going down the mountain!  This is my 1st trip with Exodus, though I do a lot of travelling generally, not been on a cycling holiday before.

Tony I have been to Marrakech before and got a local bus over to the coast (Essourira).  The buses were pretty good.  I'd have a look online and see if there is anything about buses, I'm sure there will be one.


Hi Vicki, thanks for the advice on buses. I've since got myself better informed and have booked a hotel in Marrakech near to the bus station (I arrive a day early). Supratours do regular journeys to Agadir so should be ok to just turn up and go.

Reading the reviews and stuff it looks like these trips are well organised so we can all help one another and generally mix in and hopefully have a great holiday. Look forward to meeting up.



What have I done!!!???

Hi everyone, I'm reassured that some other folk also have road biking backgrounds. I know that miles on nice tracks and roads is not the same as miles MTBing in the Atlas mountains, so I'm getting really quite nervous! I've done a bit of MTBing, but that's been around South England forests. I just hope the driver of the support vehicle likes havng a passenger!

PS: I could'nt find this group initially, so have just posted a new Atlas descent thread - I hope this doesnt confuse people 


Hi Robyn, not sure which trip you're going on? There are  two trips to Atlas Mountains 1st is 6th Nov and 2nd is 13th Nov and I see you've posted a thread on both of them. Anyway I'm on the 6th Nov one so if that's you then let us all know and welcome, if not then all the best and have a good trip!Tony


Yep, I'm going on the 13th November. I'm now not just scared to death, I'm also thoroughly confused.

have a great time chaps!

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