ATM 13th June Who else is going?

Hello. Just wondering who else is off to Turkey this week. Myself, my brother and our friend are all coming along and it would be great to hear of any other people going too. We'll be flying from Gatwick.


Hi, I am travelling with my two sons Richard and Robert. We are flying from Leeds and will probably arrive very late in the evening. Just done our diving refresher course yesterday in Spain as not dived for a few years. All really looking forward to the trip !  Martin

hey folks, looks likely il be joining you for the week, just waiting to hear on flight availability before i can confirm! 14 booked on the trip so far when i checked! fingers crossed see you in a few weeks!  robert


hello again, flights confirmed now so il see you in a few weeks! 


Hello, I am flying from gatwick too. It's the first time I am doing this kind of trip and I am really excited. I am not a great swimmer altough not scared of water, hope that will be fine :)


hey magda, welcome on board! im not a great swimmer and ive been on a lot of this type of trip so you will be fine!  im on the gatwick flight to! robert!


Hey Robert! I feel much better now, thanks! good to know that I am not the only one! Looks like gatwick is the winner! Magda

lol no problem magda, when i say im not a strong swimmer im exaggerating a little bit to! i like to be with arms length or something that floats! lol robert 


ps (name on passport is robert but only ever called jerry, confusing aye)


very confusing jerry! i will be one of the things floating around if not drowning :)

well i apologise if i grab on to you with a look of panic on my face! was going to suggest if anyone wanted to meet for a drink at gatwick before flight but i guess its a little early in the morning so prob better on arrival at the hotel! oh and useful note that currency rate was  better in turkey than it is in uk before you go, well it was last month so dont hold me to that, and the visa on arrival requires a £10 note in uk currency! 


Hello, my name is Steve and I'm also flying from Gatwick. Early start but I guess that means less hanging around and waiting to go. Looking forward to the activities and meeting you all.


Great to hear there's a few more of us flying from Gatwick too! You'll know us lot, we'll be the ones randomly walking around as we are bound to get lost in the airport. Still not sorted out how we are even getting there yet. Nothing like leaving things until the last minute.

should be a blast! im driving up from wales /midlands area on the night before and crashing at hotel if anyone wants a lift up! 


Jerry/Robert, That's going to be a long day for you. Thanks for the tip on Visa and the currency :)

and I am not prepared too! I think it's time to start planning, I spoke to one of the agency reps and was advised that waterproof disposable camera is must for great shots!



mart, ric and rob! dont worry im sure we will still be on the bar on your arrival, it is a bit of a trek  for the transfer depending if you are going to use local transport and bus hop it or go for direct transfer, id advise the later , i still have to get waterproof camera as i already have pile of broken cameras and have just paid out for a new one! looking forward to adrenaline and fun times!! see you soon! jerry 


Hi, yes getting a direct transfer organised by Exodus so shouldnt be any hanging around.

The waterproof camera i have just bought  is the Kodak easyshare Sport. Waterproof down to 3M, 60mm back screen  and 12 MP with Video and instant share to Facebook etc. Been trying it out and works great. very robust, metal body and only £50 on the net with 2/3 day delivery. See you in the bar!  Martin

hey folks, not long now, just checked weather in kas!  30 degrees! looks like its gona be a toastie week! see you soon! jerry


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