ATM - Lycian Activity Week - Anyone Going


 As in the subkect anyone else going on the Lycian Activity Week starting on the 28th June 2010?



looks like I can't spell subject

Hi Dan,

I've just booked this trip! Very excited but slightly worried about how hot it's going to be. I wanted to go earlier in June but couldn't because of work. It looks like its the most popular date at the moment so hopefully we'll get a good bunch of people!

Right, off for some gym prep work!!


I'm a a bit nervous as this is my first ever holiday on my own and first with exodus, also excited sounds like there gonna be no time to get board.

Had not really thought about the heat, hopefully have alot of water on hand.

 Only 1 space left now.

Well, I don't want to tempt fate but I'm pretty definite we'll have a great time. I've done a number of solo holidays, not with Exodus, but with a.n.other competitor and loved everyone of them. You get such a mix of people it's really fascinating - one trip I did to Canada included a female vicar who'd just retired from the Navy! I will say you need to take your sense of humour with you though - up a mountain in New Zealand with an American asking where Starbucks is at every turn made for an interesting 10 day trek. I'm going on this trip solo 'cause my boyf has run out of holiday allowance and all my friends are pregnant!

Hi Dan,

I agree with Random_Travel and think it will be great. I've done a couple of trips like this with a rival company in the USA and Canada and met some wonderful people and had a blast.  If this is anything like those then no, there will be not time to get bored!

I'm travelling on my own because most of my friends are married and the single ones aren't very interested if the main activity isn't lying by the pool sipping cocktails.  Not that I don't enjoy that too!

Never been to Turkey so looking forward to it, expecially the waterbased activities. Bit worried about the mountain biking though. Really should get my bike out the garage at least once before we go!!


Yeah should be good glad I am not the only one going on my own.  I'm on my own because all my mates are going away on holidays with the girlfriends ect.  Looking forward to all the activities, quite into my mountain biking so I hope there's something for everyone.

 Trying to work out if I drive to Gatwick or get a bus, the bus takes 4 hours on the way there and 5 1/2 on the way back.  Seems mad considering I am only in Gloucester which is under a 2 hour drive, but I might be knackered with the flights.


Hi, it is great to see that there will be more people travelling alone.  I though I might have been the only one.  I have never booked on a trip like this before so was a bit nervous but looks like it should be good fun.

 I am looking so forward to this trip.



Silly me,  I am travelling the week before you.  I'll make sure I test the facilities.




 Glad I'm not the only one going on my own! I did a similar adventure trip in Solvakia last year and had a great time with a real mix of people so I'm sure this will be good. I too have lots of married/pregnant friends!


Hi All I was planning on doing this trip last year but my parnter had run out of holiday allowance so I have waited so we can go together. I am really excited as I dont like beach holidays. I have never been to Turkey but cant wait to do all the activities. We are going to stay the night before at Gatwick.

See you all soon.

chell and gez

Very excited! Chell, you're a much nicer girlf than I am waiting for your boyf to have enough holiday so you can both do the trip together!

So - what three essential items am I most likely to forget to pack??


3 days to go now, its starting to sink in now should be wicked.  Guess I better start packing and checking I've got everthing I need (sure I'll forget something though :S)

 If anyone see's me wandering around gatwick on Monday morning come say hello, I'll be the tired one reading the trips notes

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