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hi, i would love to hear from anyone who has been on the discover costa rica trip, to hear any advice or recommendations of which excursions to take. I am going in july, to hopefully see the turtles on the beach laying their eggs.  I am also keen to see as much wildlife as possiable - a jaguar would be amazing  although highly unlikely i'm sure.


Hi, I went on this trip last Jan/Feb and was lucky enough to be one of those famous for seeing a jaguar with her daughter swimming across the canal.  It was a truly amazing trip, so much wildlife, lovely group, great guide and friendly people.  My trip was the first done by our guide and he went out of his way to do little extras.  None of the group did many of the excursions (we didn't have much time) other than the Monteverde skywalk etc.  Time is really short there though so you would need to make a choice between all the options.  We were advised by our guide against the thermals in Arenal.  I did the sunset cruise in Manuel Antonio and enjoyed it but our guide took the rest of the group somewhere else so missed out on that.

I tell people that this was the best holiday that I have ever been on (and I have been on many).

 Hope that was helpful.  But it you have any more specific questions let me know and I will try to answer them.  Oh yes - I came back with money as there is nowhere to spend it!!!!



Wow ! how lucky were you - well you have given me some hope. Where were you when you saw the jaguar?  Why did your guide advice against the thermals at Arenal ? Do you think you made the right choice in taking the sunset cruise after talking to the other travellers about their experience on the trip they took with the guide?

Roughly how much money do you think I should take ? - I am a solo traveller. 

Did you manage to take any photos of the jaguar? I would love to see them if you did.

many thanks       Lesley

Check the images on the tour pages - mine under debbie21 and one of my goup kathief have photos.  I could send more if you want.  We saw them on the boat on the way to Tortuguero on the first full day.  A hard act to follow but if you check all the phots from our group - emi26 as well you can see we did have a great time.

The trip with the guide was not one on the tour - he merely took them to a bar where they could watch the sunset etc and have dinner.  They saw some different monkeys but who knows what anyone will see so I'm not unhappy I took the sunset tour.

As for the thermals as far as I can remember he said it was very commercial and in his opinion not worth it.  We were all very in to birds etc so for us any chance to see more of them was a better option.

Sorry can't remember how much I spent.  Just know that it was well short of what I took.  Meals were I think a little cheaper than on the trip notes but that could just be because of the places we chose to go to.  And of course we didn't do many trips so that was cheaper.  No time or opportunity for shopping etc so no money spent there.

 I'm sure you'll have a fab time.  If you want more photos etc let me know.  Not sure how I can get them to you as Exodus remove email addresses.


thanks Debbie,   your pics look amazing - i am so pleased that  i chose to do this trip, it is exactly the sort of thing i wanted to do.

The birds are appsolutey beautiful and the frogs and snakes are so colourful. where did you see the dolphins? did you swim in the sea at all?

did anyone take a video camera? It would be good to hear the sounds as well.

When you visit the school, do they have much in the way of pencils etc , I was woundering if I should take something - or maybe a book?

thanks again, sorry to bombard you with all my questions. where are you off to on your next adventure.


No problem answering your questions.

We saw the dolphins close to where we stayed in Golfito.  However, our group had to go to a different lodge due to other bookings so not sure where you will be going.  We went to Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge. 

We swam in the sea during the dolphin trip and also during the sunset trip in Manuel Antonio.  Others swam in free time near Manual Antonio. 

Sorry no video cameras as far as I know.

The school doesn't have much but our guide took us to a nearby village where we bought loads of stuff.  We were the first group to go to this school so at that time the shopkeeper was enthusiastic and added some extras.  Exodus sponsor the school so all costumes were made by parents etc from material supplied by Exodus.  So nice to see something being given back.  So assuming all guides do the same no  need to take something from home.  But in any case you can discuss with the guide.

Next trip China (ACE).  Leaving in 3 weeks time and can't wait.  I have asked Exodus to do an add-on for me prior to start of trip so arrive 5 days early and spend 3 days in Datong.  I think Exodus were really helpful in putting together than add-on for me.  China is so large that one can never do in one trip but Datong is close enough to Beijing to be able to do it.

Have you been anywhere else with Exodus?

Any more?


Thanks Debbie,This will be my first trip with Exodus - but I have had a few great hols over the past few years 2 trips to Namibia to stay with a friend who,s husband was on a 2 year  contract out there. Easter before last i travelled to Buenos Aires on my own, but met up with some friends there that share my passion for Argentine tango - whilst there visited the Iguasu Falls - spectacular! ! on my return flight the ash cloud meant my plane only took me as far as Brazil - where i spent 6 days. That part of the trip i was on my own as my friends had all used other airlines - some were stranded in Rome, others in Madrid and a few didn't get to take off from Buenos Aires. But it was a great add on to my trip - i soon made some new friends there and we went out exploring together. last xmas i went on a Nile cruise with a friend, that was really interesting. But i think Costa Rica is going to be the best yet.

Your trip to China sounds very exciting, some friends of mine went a couple of years ago - they were very impressed. I would like to hear about it when you get back.

I can't think of any more questions at the moment.

hope you have a super trip in China,


I travel a lot too.  Why else would you work?  I'm thinking of Egypt in November.  It has always been near the top of my list but troubles in the past year or so has meant putting it off.  Well my wish list is really long actually so have to plan well ahead to get them all in.

 I'm sure you'll  love Costa Rica and would be interested in your thoughts.



Where else have you been with Exodus?   I was thinking of going to Madagascar next year some time.   - so many wonderful places in the world to choose from. . .


Nowhere else with Exodus but I travelled for two years with my husband in a camper van and then tent through Europe and parts of Asia. I've seen most of Europe and a lot of Asia as well as part of north Africa.  A few years ago I arranged my own private tour (with my children) in Kenya and Zanzibar.  I've seen a lot of the US and Mexico but still have so many places to go.  

I plan Egypt after China and then maybe St Petersburg and Moscow (all with Exodus) but also like the look of the Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam trip with Exodus.  Then if want to back to South America and do Ecaudor, Galapagos islands, Argentina, Brazil and Peru etc.  Would love to go to Antartica and Iceland. That should take care of the next 5 years or so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wish list is very long and sadly very expensive.  Once you've done short-haul it is bound to be.



I'm impressed - you have certainly covered a lot of ground. Do you speak many languages, or a little of , to get by?

When I was 21 I went to work in Spain for a year for a tour company, the following year I worked in Athens as a nanny to 2 little Greek boys. Whilst I was away I met my ex-husband - 13 years and 2 children later I devorced him and took my 2 children, then aged 6 and 10 on a 3 week holiday to South Africa to celebrate.

My wish list of places to go start with - Madagascar, Borneo, Galapagas islands, Tanzania, vietnam , Peru , Easter island, the Amazon  and everywhere else after that ! I think I need to get a job with Exodus. Time and money are the problem.


Sounds like a plan! You could be right. 

 I speak Dutch (lived there for 18 years+), reasonable French, some German and Spanish but other than Dutch all rusty.

Shame Exodus don't allow swapping of email addresses etc as sounds like we have a lot in common. In case their software fails [email protected]

Assume your children are now old enough now to allow you to travel on your own so like me you need to pack the trips in to get everywhere you want to travel to.  So many places and so little time.

Some on your wish list are on mine so who knows maybe we might hit the same trip at the same time.



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