AXW - A Week In Jordan 20 Nov - 28 Nov


Ive just booked the last place on this trip. It would be great to hear from anyone else on this trip. 

Miranda x


Hi miranda
good to make contact with someone before the trip - Ive read all the trip notes and thought i would come on here - think ive an idea of clothes to wear (or not to wear - new shorts will stay home!!) - still not sure about how much money to take though !! getting excited now - sounds like its a full on trip

Hi Lesley. I think I will pack some shorts in the hope that it will be warm enough. I havent read the trip notes in great detail but I think I did read somewhere that we can only get the currency and visas once we are there. Is that right?? No idea how much money to take and I do need to check that my vaccinations are still all ok. As Im one of the last ones to book I wont be on the group flight, I will be on one that arrives 3 hours earlier, so I get to hang out at the airport for 3 hours!


Hi Miranda according to the trip notes we will need about £200-250 for meals. also a number of people who have done the trip and have posted reviews they have suggested not to wear short shorts as the local people dont approve.

Hi Lesley. You're right about the money allowance but it seems like a lot of money for food for one week for one person dont you think?? Do you think cropped trousers would be too risky??


im hoping there'll be ok as its what i will be wearing most of the time!!

Just been checking out the temperatures. Its gonna be at least 24c maybe even as high as 35c ! Hard to imagine when Im sat here in a fleece listening to the rain. Not long to go now :-D


ive just been to marrakesh and it was cooler in the evening so will definately take a woolie or two. also it was a bit cloudy with a chance of rain so will take my waterproof jacket and hope i dont have to use it!!!


Hi Miranda - finally got round to logging onto this forum and see that we are on the same flight.  Would you be up for getting a cab to our hotel so we don't hang around at the airport for 3 hours?  I would be happy to pay - just fancy getting back sooner rather than later.

I plan to contact exodus tomorrow to see if there's any problem with that. 

Best wishes


Sounds like a plan. Im definitely up for that!! Im not sure what the arrangements are for meeting up at the airport as we're not with the main group. Do you know? How will I find you?


Hi Miranda

I have contacted Alessandra at Exodus and told her I am taking a cab.  Suggest you do likewise if you would like to join me and she will then let the local agent know.  We can access our rooms at the hotel and there will be a note for the meeting time in the morning.  There are 4 people on our flight and others are planning on getting a cab too but Exodus can't give me their names.  You can contact me on [email protected] (hoping the blackberry will work) or my mobile number is 07968 147201. At the airport I shall look out for the Exodus luggage labels when we collect bags in Amman.  if you have a mobile with you - then text meet and hopefully we shall find each other!. I am short and round (!) with short fair hair - will be wearing jeans.  Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Hi Chantal

I will text you. Will keep an eye out for you and the luggage labels too. Can you believe its nearly 11pm and Im still sorting out my packing!? Not long now. Just found out today that Petra is where Indiana Jones 3 was filmed. Was planning on trying to watch it tonight but it didnt quite work out that way.

See you tomorrow. 

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