AYK Kenya and Tanzania 12 october

Hello I have booked on this trip. Who else is booked?


I am booked on this trip as well. My first trip to sub sahara Africa!


Hello didnt think anyone else was going haha. yeah its my first trip to africa too, actually my first trip like this. Am looking forward to it. Its a while away yet but will soon come around. 


I am booked on this too, my dream holiday very excited

Hi All - myself and my friend Carol are booked on too.  Just paid the holiday balance today - all very exciting.  

Hi all,

Also booked for this trip and will be on the group flight on the 12th so may see some of you at Heathrow!  The Exodus luggage tag may be a giveaway at check-in :-)

Jabs sorted (including Yellow Fever) so just need to pick up the anti-malarials (Malarone was the one I had recommended for this trip). 

Out of curiosity have people been getting their visas in advance?  If so was it an easy process?

Planning to get mine on arrival - keeping my fingers crossed that the recent fire at the airport hasn't caused too much disruption longer term!




Yeah i am flying from heathrow too Dan so will see you there! Have you recieved any information from Exodus yet except your confirmation on trip booking? 

I am having all my Jabs tomorrow 12th seems to be a long list so not sure whats included really.

I am planning to get my visas there too.

Another question is how much US dollars (money) do you take on a trip like this?




Hi Craig,

Yep - see you there!

The main thing I've had so far from Exodus is my flight details, which I got pretty much straight after booking.  I think we'll be getting more formal joining details a couple of weeks before the trip.  Should be pretty straightforward I think, there should be someone waiting at the other end with a big Exodus placard! :-)

Hope the jabs went well!  I got lucky as I was up to date this year, having had Yellow Fever last year (er, the jab that is).  I seem to remember that one being yucky for a couple of days, but hang in it'll clear soon enough.

The cash question is a good one and I always get this wrong - I think I'd rather take too much than too little (dollars can always come in handy later).  I'm thinking of budgeting maybe $100 per day plus a bit extra for tips and visas.  I'm also planning to take some Kenyan and Tanzanian currency, maybe £100 worth each.

It would be interesting to hear other people's thoughts on the cash front though as I may be way off base here - I'll crunch the numbers a bit more and see if it works out ;-)



Having read some of the FAQ and trip advice comments, I'm thinking that that's actually way too much cash.  Maybe $1000 total will cover it - other opinions much 'preciated though! :-)


I didn't have the jabs in the end, having them Thursday. The doc has advised to have
Yellow fever - this is obviously a must
Rabies - not sure
Meningitis- not sure
Colora - not sure
Malaria tablets- obviously

It's going to cost a lot to get all of them, have others had them?

Yeah I think 1000 is a good figure with 100 going towards visas

According to the trip notes Yellow Fever is a must to get into Zanzibar; certificate required.

Others I had recommended in GP travel advice were Tetanus, Polio, Diptheria and Hep A.

Typhoid, Hep B, Meningitis and and Rabies were suggested but not compulsory.

Typhoid might well be covered by your Hep A jab anyway if it's Hepatyrix.

Got most of my jabs at the GP's (don't think they cost anything but it was a couple of years ago so I may misremember) apart from Yellow Fever which I had to get done at a Travel Clinic (Boots).  That one cost, as did the malaria tablets (which were around £70).

Just double checked the trip notes and they recommend Typhoid so better safe than sorry :-)


Had first round of jabs last night. was advised to have hep b, rabies and yellow fever so i took the advice. Got to get the malaria tabs closer to the trip. Although it will soon come round. 


Hi,  I'm booked on the trip as well and am very much looking forward to it.  Only one month to go! 

Is anyone else arriving in Nairobi on October 12, which I believe is one day before the group flight arrives?   I'll be arriving early that morning, and haven't decided yet how to spend the day in Nairobi.   

For vaccinations, I've had Hep A and B, Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio and Yellow Fever, and I have malaria tablets for the trip.   I'll second the earlier comments about the yellow fever vaccination; I felt somewhat unwell for a few days after I received that one.

- Jill

I am on the group flight! not thought about cash must sort that out!! All jabs are in date, but not had rabies before, has anyone else been told to have that? lucky I don't have to have the others! just malaria tablets to sort out.  Must go though the list of need to take !!


Hello Jill yes I had the yellow fever and made me feel a bit dodgy for a couple of days but has cleared now.
I'm on the groupe flight from heathrow so will have to introduce our selves in the departure.
I have had rabies Sara as I was advised too but didn't have any side effects but its a three part vaccine and costs
a fare bit of money. With reference to spending money, yes still indecisive of how much to take on this sort of trip but I'm going for 1000 us and some Kenyan currency and hope that will be more than enough.



The travel clinic I went to didn't recommend the rabies vaccine, so I didn't get that one. They didn't recommend the polio vaccine either unless I was planning to do humanitarian work, but I requested the polio vaccine just to be safe. 



Is anyone else out there joining the tour for land only?  I'm arriving in Nairobi on Oct 12. If anyone else is arriving early, let me know if you'd like to meet up.  After the horrific events of this past weekend, I may just spend my day in Nairobi at the hotel.

Also, is anyone else flying out of Dar Es Salaam at the end of the trip?  If so, how are you traveling from Zanzibar to the Dar airport?  I had been planning to take the ferry, but am now rethinking that decision.



Hi Jill, I am arriving October 12 with my husband Mark. We have the day arranged already but will be at the hotel later on if you want to meet up. There is a number in the trip notes for the exodus local agents which might be worth a try if you fancy an excursion.

Hi All

 not long to go now! Getting quite excited. Just wondering whether anyone else is taking a thermarest type sleep mat? I love my comfy bed and wondered whether to take one a friend has lent me. Does anyone know what sort of camp beds/mats are provided?



yeah not long looking forward to it. From reading the trip notes i dont think any sleep equiptment is provided as it ses to bring an all season sleeping bag and sleep matt. its just another thing to carry so im going to just rely on my sleeping bag.  


Has anyone got in there information the terminal we are flying out off?


Yes Craig says terminal 4 in the final trip notes sent out last week 26th Sept.

Wasnt going to take sleep Matt although I struggle without my bed too!! But just extra to take, just taking sleeping bag wasnt going to buy one.

 I shall mail the rep she was really good last week when I enquired about safety of camera equipment and how much spending money/use of credit card to avoid carrying lots of cash.


Yeah I suppose using a card would be a safer Idea but wasn't sure if there would be atms so I'm taking cash and card as back up. Yeah more to carry with sleeping Matt. Yes I read it in the end obviously I didn't read I through the first time. I suppose we are only as safe as anywhere with camera equiptment, not very, providing you keep it on you at all times it should be fairly safe being in a groupe like we will be.


Hi all, the service team have advised that sleeping matts are provided, so we do not need to worry about that.


Hello guys if imagen everyone is getting excited for the trip. Looking forward to meet some of you tomorrow, will have to all look out for the exodus luggage labels.


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