AYM Classic Kenya Safari

Hi there - I'm one of a party of four on this trip and just wondered if anyone else is booked on it?


Hi Chris,

I've just confirmed my booking this evening. I'll be flying in from Singapore and joining you at the Southern Sun Mayfair hotel. 

Very excited to be going back to Africa, although a different country this time.

Who else is your party of 4?



Hi Alison

 I'm going with my husband Graham and our "old" friends (I mean we've known them for a long time! Joan and Paul.  This is our first trip to Africa - well actually anywhere outside of Europe and the USA.  It sounds like you may be a seasoned traveller so any advice you can offer about Africa will be greatly appreciated.



Hi again Chris, Graham, Joan and Paul,

Not too sure what you'd like to know so please feel free to ask any questions you have.

My 2 pence worth is: 

If you are into photography bring as many memory cards as you have with you as last time I was on safari I took hundreds (literally!) of photos on day 1. Luckily I brought my laptop so I could weed out the rubbish photos and then start over again the next day with clear cards. But I also have to remind myself to stop and take in the adventure with my own eyes and not always through the camera lens. 

My other advice is layers. Lots of layers, so that if the mornings start out a little chilly you can layer up and then gradually 'undress' during the day. I'm bringing some trousers which zip off to shorts as well as thermals which fit under my t-shirts. (To qualify the thermals - I've been living in Asia for 5 years now and my blood has thinned so anything below 22 degrees feels chilly!! I guess, as you're coming from the UK you'll be just fine.) 

Lastly leave room in your cases for souvenirs!  I always overpack and last time I ended up sending one of my purchases (a wooden hippo!!) back with my friend. 

Looking forward to meeting you at the hotel on 19th June. I fly in the previous day and am hoping to find time to visit the Giraffe Centre and/or the Elephant Orphanage on the 18th.

Not long to go now.



Hi Alison,

Nice to hear from you.  I'm Chris's friend, Joan and I'm really looking forward to this trip as it's something I've wanted to do for a long time. Your visit to the Giraffe Centre/Elephant Orphanage sounds really interesting - you should get a lot of good quality photos there before you even start the safari.

 Thanks for the advice regarding the photos, we've bought some high capacity memory cards for our cameras so hopefully they will be sufficient.  Regarding clothing we will be taking plenty of layers as you suggest and like you, I will probably take too much as I've not been on this type of holiday before,  although your point about taking souvenirs back is a very good one so I will try to be selective.

 Paul spoke to Exodus this morning and they confirmed there are 7 people on this trip, 2 more will be travelling from the UK. 

Hope you have a good flight over and that the safari lives up to all our expectations.



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