AYM Classic Kenya Safari

Hi I'm going on the Classic Kenya Safari 17th Feb 2013, anyone been on this trip before, any advice on camera gear to take, best size zoom, spare batteries...


I haven’t been on an African safari before (we are going Sept 2013), but I have been reading around re: cameras/lenses.

If you are a Canon digital SLR user, the Canon 100-400 f4.5-5.6L IS USM seems to be a popular safari lens, especially on a crop-sensor body like the Canon 7D (effectively a 160-640mm lens on a full frame body). The IS (image stabilisation) is handy as you are unlikely to be using a tripod, although bean bags can be used on the roof of the mini-vans. The reasonably wide zoom range of the 100-400 should cover most distance shots, although I will be taking a second camara body (600D) with a 10-22mm lens to capture wider shots. (The second body is also as a backup should the 7D pack up).


I'm treating myself to a full frame Nikon, currently using a D3100 which I will also be taken, and was unsure whether to go for a 80-400 or a 150-500, the 80-400 is quite a lot lighter and if this is going to be enough I think it is a better option. Thanks for your advice, very much appreciated.


Unless I'm misstaken the D3100 in an APS-C size crop sensor like my 7D, so that will work well with both zooms (effectively multiplying them by 1.6). The extra 100mm on the 150-500 might be useful, although if that is the Sigma lens I would probably go for the 80-400 Nikon lens (as it will probbaly give much better image quality upto 400mm).

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