AYU Gorillas & Masai Mara ; extra day in Nairobi?

Hello Fellow Travellers!!! I know it's still over nine months to go, but since there is already quite a few of us booked on this trip I was wondering if anyone has considered taking an extra day in Nairobi at the beginning of the trip? I would hate to miss the giraffe centre, animal orphanage and a dinner at Carnivore and our scheduled itinerary does not seem to make any allowance for it (make sure to use google if you're not sold on these places yet;). It's only 90£ extra for additional night at the hotel booked through exodus so I am going to do it but would love some company;)

Anyway, who else is going to see the gorillas in September? 


Hey Krzysztof! I recently booked onto this trip and am super excited about seeing the gorillas!! It's been a long time since I went on an Exodus trip, in fact on any trip at all...September can't come quick enough!!

So have you been away with Exodus before?



Hey Krzystof, I am not on this trip but would also highly recommend you seeing the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which has elephants and rhinos.  They are all nearby so you will be able to manage this in a day.  


Thanks for the info Sonia! David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust looks great. Don't think I should go there though....will end up fostering a baby elephant....sure as eggs;) I definitely want to go to the Giraffe Centre, Nairobi National Park and have a dinner at the Carnivore. Do you think I would manage to squeeze Sheldrick's Trust in without rushing things too much?
Did you book an extra day in Nairobi Leah? I really don't think that going straight to lake Naivasha is such a good plan. Seems to me there is loads to see in Nairobi...and maybe brave a matatu ride;)  
Having said all that, I'm not even sure if I'm on this trip yet:( I've just spoken with someone from exodus an hour ago to confirm my booking, just to find out that the person who prearranged the booking in November no longer works for the company, my option has expired and I have not been notified. Should find out tomorrow if I'm going on this one, but if I will have to reschedule after fighting tooth and nail for my annual leave I will not be chuffed;)
Anyway...life is to short to worry about things like that. I'm just about to start packing my bags for another exodus trip: Discovering Thailand, Laos & Cambodia, that departs beginning of February (this one is fully booked and paid for so I'm bloody going!!! ;))) 
I've travelled with Exodus once before in 2011 to China. It was all well organised and the fellow travellers were amazing so I have my expectations high;)
Hope I'll get to meet you in Nairobi Leah;) I should know tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you? ;) 

My booking has been confirmed so I am going on this one, Whoop Whoop!



Hi Krzysztof, I am booked on the same trip as you in September, and I would also love to visit the giraffe centre and the animal orphanage. I've been trying to pluck up the courage to take an extra day in Nairobi to do it, but I've never travelled on my own before and the idea of a group flight is too much of a comfort to me at the moment! Perhaps I'll find a bit of extra nerve before I pay the rest of my bill!! 

Hi folks we are doing this trip in reverse starting 6th Sept. Haven't been on a Safari before and the fact

it includes the Gorillas as well is fantastic. Very much looking forward to it. We aren't extending to Zanibar or adding the extra day in Nairobi. If anyone has any useful advice about clothing etc would be grateful to hear

We have been on an Exodus trip before we went to Peru in 2011 with them including trekking to Macchu Picchu. Their organisation is 2nd to none.That was the first time we had used them but we had come across them several times when we have been in Nepal.

Sandra Barrett


Hi All doing this trip leaving on 15th September and am very excited.  trip has been recommended by friends I've met on previous adventures!

 Would love to do the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust but think I've probably left it too late to add this on now, another time...

This will be my 5th Exodus trip and they always do such a fantastic job that I've not looked on anyone else's websites...


Is there anyone out there off to Africa leaving from Gatwick on the 2nd September ? I would love to hear from you. 



Looking forward to our 2nd exodus trip to see the gorillas our 1st trip was to everest base camp in october last year which was fantastic, superbly organised.



Getting excited about the trip now, its my second trip with Exodus, I'm joining the group flight in Heathrow from Dublin. Got my jabs a few weeks ago, the typhoid gave me a dead arm for a few days!

 Will login ag ain before the trip,

Anne Marie 

Hi Anne-Marie,

Yes only 6 weeks to go and much to do, still haven't had my jabs, on the list for today to arrange. As your flying from Heathrow I guess I will catch up with you in Nairobi.  This will be my second trip with Exodus, the first was to Peru and then the Amazon and it was amazing, I hope this is as good!  

Anyone else out there who is flying from Gatwick on the 2nd?


Hi, very excited about this trip :-) 

Anyone else seen the news about the grenade attack in Rwanda's capital, Kigali on 26 July ?  At least two people have died and over 30 others were injured... wondering if this has any implications for the trips ?

Anyone else going on this trip?


Sandra Barrett

Sorry seem to have made a mess of replying - impyimp, I haven't seen this sorry. Haven't heard anything from Exodus either


Hopefully it's nothing to worry about...

Anyone got any idea's of total amount of cash to take ?  The trip notes mention tips and restaurants and various other things but it's hard to work out a total amount.   So if anyone has been on a similar trip, a ball park total figure would be useful !

anyone else on this trip going to do the balloon safari in the Masai Mara ?  I definitely want to do it !


Hi I'm not on your trip am on 15th September departure instead, but just wanted to say you should definitely do the balloon safari if you can, I did it last year on a shorter Kenyan safari and it was an amazing experience, only me and one other went from our group, we joing a group from SAGA who were twice our age ;o)  It's expensive but I highly recommend it!

Are towels supplied or do you need to bring one ?

HI, we haven't worked out what money to take yet. Just make sure you have some $50 bills for visa's. I am hoping to go on the Balloon ride but my hubby doesn't want to. Will also have to talk to the insurance company first. Towels aren't supplied. Get some travel towels from the likes of Mountain warehouse, they are excellent. We bought one several years ago for Nepal and have bought another to go with it for this trip. They dry very quickly. The lock for our luggage seems to be a problem as not really sure what size. Have read through peoples reviews and a normal case lock isn't good enough, so I think we may take a variety - they always come in. Off to see the nurse shortly to see what updates we need regarding injections, most are up to date thankfully but Malarone will be quite expensive, don't know whether you know but you can buy this from Tesco's instead of the doctors, it works out around £3 a tablet. You have to get a form from their chemist to fill in and then they will sort it with you. Hope this helps


Thanks For the tips Sandra, it makes my shopping list easier to work out :-)
Are you going to do the balloon safari without your hubby?
I'm travelling solo so will be doing the whole trip on my own!
I've already had some of my injections, still got the tetanus and polio to go.

I want to do the balloon ride even though I do think it is very expensive and will more than likely do it. We have done one before over Derbyshire and I loved it - several years ago. But I don't really thik you can go to Africa without doing it over the Masai Mara. Can't believe how close we are now getting.

Hi All

I am on the trip the week before you, 30th August reverse trip

I noticed your comments on Malarone . I got mine a couple of weeks ago. I think Asda are the cheapest at £2.50 per tablet. No prescription needed and no other charges added on. They just need to take a few details but it takes less than five minutes. 


Hi All :)
Not long to go now! I am definitely up for the baloon ride, white water rafting & bungee;) Have you got your gardening gloves for the gorillas yet? I still need to pay B&Q a visit. £2.5/malarone tablet is an acceptable price.


I'm also a lone traveller flying from Heathrow on the 2nd September. It's the first time I've ever done anything like this, getting very excited. I wasn't sure about the balloon flight but after talking to someone who has done it I think I probably will, be a shame to miss the opportunity. Hope there's someone to join me. 



Hi all

Re AYU 30 Aug to 15 Sept ... anneinspace has just got back from the trip and has posted info/tip for us --worth a read. Enjoy your trip.

Annie Nash

Hi AnnieN where has she posted it? thanks


Sorry, compass cafe/ departure lounge/ August 30-15th september departure/  end of page 2 & onto page 3. she has her photo  and name anneinspace.

bw Annie Nash


Hi all,

 Just wondering if everyone else on this trip is from England, and whether I am going to be the old lady of the group, or whether there are any other "mature adventurers" out there? 


Thanks for getting back and I read all you details which have been very helpful. I believe you did the reverse journey as we are, did you change money at Kagali airport and if so do you mind me asking how much? Another couple of questions, sleeping - did you sleep in PJ's or thermals? I am not sure what to do when we were in Peru we used thermals at the higher and colder altitudes. Secondly, footwear - I am proposing going in open sandals - very comfortable) and taking my crocs and a pair of trainers. do you think this would be right? It is a good idea to pinch someone else's brains. I've had another thought - the lockers, some people maintain locks can be difficult, how big a lock did you take. Very many thanks in anticipation. Sandra

Hi Sandra

All very confusing. Anne in space has just got back and myself Annie Nash go on the 30 Aug.. I did a copy and paste of your questions and posted it onto the August 30 thread. I think Anne in space will pick it up there.

bw Annie


Hi, I'm looking forward to this trip..so excited! I have been with Exodus before(Indo-China) so quite calm about the arrangements! I am a more mature gent...and travelling alone,so hope that the company is great!


Which trip are you on? We are rather mature and going on the 6th Sept. Just received our final details.



Hi fellow travellers leaving from Heathrow on 2nd September at 20.00pm, anyone fancy meeting up at the airport once you've  checked in for a coffee or even a glass of something?



Hi, getting very excited with only a couple of weeks to go. Is anyone else travelling on their own? Anyone doing the white water rafting?


Hi Sandra, I'm doing Kenya,Uganda and Rwanda departing 2nd September... 

Sylvie, Yes to a coffee or glass of something once checked in..dont know terminal 4 well...any ideas where to meet?

Hi, I am a lone traveller departing Heathrow, is anyone else going to be on the same flight? Can we arrange to meet up somehow? Perhaps all carry a picture of a Gorilla on our day packs so that we can identify each other?


Hi Sandra & Martin, I'm happy to meet up for a preflight refreshment, going to have a long stretch in Heathrow as transferring from Dublin, There is a Pret a Manger n Terminal 4 going by the other blogs? I'm sure there will be a few more posts before our departure


Sorry Sylvie & Martin ;-)

I'm very excited now that I have recieved the final details :-)  Anyone else on the Kenya Airways 20:00 flight KQ101  from Heathrow on 6th Sept ?


Hi Lasaulnarai and impyimp,
Yes I'm travelling on KQ101 on the 6th sept..........I'm happy to meet up after check in if you want. I think I'll be there for a while as coming down from newcastle. I am so excited it's ridiculous!!!


Hi Lasaulnarai and impyimp,
Yes I'm travelling on KQ101 on the 6th sept..........I'm happy to meet up after check in if you want. I think I'll be there for a while as coming down from newcastle. I am so excited it's ridiculous!!!


Hi Anne Marie. Sylvie and Martin,

I'm leaving from Heathrow on the 2nd September. It would be great to meet up before the flight for a drinik (coffee or alcohol I don't mind)



Hi Angela,

That's great, finally got my joining instructions today, they were a bit casual about getting them to me! Probably some time around 18:30hrs when everyone has checked in and gone through security would be a good time to meet in the departure lounge? I'm guessing some of the group will be joining us in Nairobi.
Anne Marie

Hi Sally, yes it would be good to meet up after check-in :-)

Sandra Barrett

Can't wait it seems as though its almost here now. Was pleased reading through the final notes that we have Often as our guide. Reading people's reviews he gets excellent reports. Not long now. Still unsure of clothing. I shall travel in what I will wear to the gorillas in case my bag gets lost and pack my boots in the rucksac/backpack. Don't know how many are in the group or ages but we expect to be the oldest.




Hi Anne Marie, that would be great to meet up with you in the departure lounge. We will have to think of a way that we can recognise each other.


Anne Marie, Martin & Angela,

I have checked out Terminal 4 on the their web site and the biggest meeting place shown on the floor plan is No 35 Bridge Bar & Eating House, which is between  WH Smiths (27) & WH Smiths bookstore (36),  we should board around 19.30 so I aim to be at Bridge Bar between 18.00 - 18.30.   Look forward to meeting you all there, I will be wearing my walking boots with a red rose between my teeth :)


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