AYU Gorillas & Masai Mara trip

Would love to be in touch with anyone going on this trip?  1st trip of this kind by myself, am nervous!!!  :S




I'm flying out on the the on the group flight from Heathrow . I haven't been truck/camping  for the whole duration of an adventure holiday yet and it is my first time with Exodus, but have done loads of these Adventure ones in South America and India on my own and they are amazing and the rest of the grouple are always so friendly. I've wanted to see the Gorillas for so long now so I hope we do see a big group on the day we trek. 

Have you booked the balloon flight? Also what malaria tablets are you taking? 



Hi fellow travellers, good to see a couple of you here. I'm also on this trip with a mate. Don't be nervous 'outdoorgirl' - It will be great. I've been to Africa a few times before though never to Uganda or Rwanda. I've previously been with Dragoman so Exodus is a first for me too. I was just surprised to read that they cook and erect our tents for us which was a surprise (not sure that I'll be able to watch someone else do all the work though.) 

We've also booked ourselves on the Balloon trip - I've never done it before because of the cost but apparently it's worth the money. As far as malaria tablets, if you're asking for advice, Malarone really are the best although not the cheapest. 


Hi guys,

I'm on the same trip in September and I just wondered what you had done about the visas. Is it best to go through the company linked on the website and let them sort it out for you, even though it gets expensive? What did you do?

I've had my first set of jabs this week and have to go back for Yellow Fever and the anti-malarial prescription. The information the nurse gave me suggests that Malarone is the best - 95 to 100% effective. But, as you say, not the cheapest.

I hope you all have a great trip.



Hi Bryan, I'm going to buy the VISAs on arrival. It should actually work out slightly cheaper and from what I've heard the queues at the airport can be equally long for those with Visas and those who already have them. Little advantage really for all the extra pre-holiday hassle. I've bought one before at nairobi and it wasn't too painful.


Hi to everyone,

 Just got my travel conformation and found out about this forum - I would love to hear from anyone going on this trip as have to admit am feeling very excited and nervous about meeting everybody.  It would be great to find out who else is travelling from Heathrow and maybe arrange to meet up at th airport.  having read other peoples messages, I'm also booked on the balloon trip - it has to be done despite the cost!!!  Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi to all of you on the G M M trip 8th August. I can't wait! My name is Margaret and work in education.  Janine and I will be going to Nairobi on the 6th . We will meet you all at the Silver Springs Hotel. 1st time on this type of tour for me. Janine my colleague has travelled with Exodus loads and thinks the company are great. I look forward to meeting you all.  Margaret


Hello again,

Thanks for the advice on visas. I have just read Blood River - Tim Butcher's account of travelling along the Congo river so my head is full of pictures of corrupt border officials making life difficult for travellers. It sounds as though Kenya and Uganda are more civilised!

Enjoy your trip.



Well although I normally always travel very light, I will be easily recognisable at the airport as the person carrying a green 3 Season Sleeping bag as handluggage! I didn't realise it was that cumbersome when I bought it, but it takes up the whole of my rucksack with space for either a pair of socks or a couple of pairs of knickers as wardrobe for the whole 2 weeks.

Hi everyone

I am booked on the balloon trip too.  Expensive, but mad to miss it!   I am taking Malarone, again expensive, but apparently no wierd side effects!!  I am getting my visas there, apparently it is not unusual on this trip to do so, according to Exodus.  I have a holdall, its not massive and it is going to be a challenge to find room for clothes after the sleeping bag, gear, boots etc.  prob wear the boots and strap sleeping bag to the outside!  Be nice to meet up at Heathrow if anyone would like to?






Hi all,

How is everyone managing to pack so lightly??!!  I have got myself a rucksack, but I think I need to do some radical rethinking of what I am bringing, although I have come to the conclusion I have far too many tshirts etc.  Anyway, would be great to meet up at the Heathrow - give us a chance to get to know each other.  I am getting really excited about the hot air balloon. Looking forward to meeting you all.


Yes, packing light is worrying me.  I'm taking some stock traveller's undies and socks (two pairs will get you round the world, the advert said!) and I'm planning to take a bunch of t-shirts that I'll discard as I go - I presume it's okay to recycle stuff there?  So I'm hoping to bring back a lot less clothing than I take.

On the subject of money, what do people reckon would be a suitable sum, if that's not too cheeky a question?  I've never been on a trip like this so don't know what the spending opportunities are.  Don't want to take too little, don't want to change too much - I was thinking 800-1000 dollars.  Does that sound excessive for a solo traveller?!

 I'm arriving at Heathrow from Scotland early Friday afternoon - would be happy to meet fellow travellers.


I was aiming to take about the same amount of money - I'll probably bring heaps back as most meals are provided but reading the reviews of the trip they all advise not to rely on ATM's as they normally don't work very well outside Nairobi. Is everyone taking Hiking Boots? - I haven't worn mine for a couple of years now as have managed with a sturdy pair of walking shoes since even on a foot safari in Nepal a few months back. I tried them out last night and they seem so much heavier and bigger than I remembered. I'd love to just take some sandals and walking shoes as will only end up wearing the boots for the Gorilla trek, but don't want to look an idiot when I rick my ankle in the mud.

I  am working on the Friday but will leave a bit earlier and go straight to the airport, so would love to meet any of the group for a pre holiday drink to wind down a bit and get in holiday mode after my last minute dash.

Mud?  Mud?  I hope not!

Thanks for the advice on money - big help.  I'm taking hiking boots and either trainers or walking sandals for leisure.

I have been advised by a mate to take a travel washing line, washing liquid and wash stuff!  I plan on taking a similar amount of dollars (got to get visas there too)  I am playing safe and taking walking boots for the trek.  A pain as they are cumbersome, but will wear on the plane.  Trainers & flip flops for the rest. Having never done anything like this I don't have a clue how much clothing to take. Any advice? Also is it preferable to have a rucksack rather than holdall?   Be great to meet you all at Heathrow.



I'm also bringing walking boots and walking sandals - I think regarding clothing I will just have to do some washing while I'm there.  Have already bought a cheap washing line and pegs, plus the travel wash!  I did a working holiday last year in South Africa and really regretted not having a rucksack, so I've bought myself one for this trip - I was considering a holdall, but the I think the rucksack is more convenient with all its compartments.  PLUS, it has wheels on the bottom but hasn't got a hard back so it can be carried or dragged.  I'm amazed at the two pairs of socks - that's awesome!!!  We'll have to somehow work out a place to meet at Heathrow.  Any ideas?

Well, we could meet at Costa (I am sure there must be one at Heathrow!)  How we would know each other, I don't know - any ideas??  I'll be the one in khaki!!  :D 


No, I want to be the one in khaki! With the pith helmet!

So, are we all going to hang around Costa and look furtively khaki?  Sounds fine to me!  Which terminal is it?


Its Terminal 4. There is definitely a Weatherspoons there - I should know I ended up having to while away  quite a few hours there a few weeks ago when I had a 7 hour delay to San Francisco!  as I'm working tomorrow until 3pm and then dashing to Heathrow, I'll probably give the coffe a miss as will be far too stimulated already and settle for a beer instead at Weatherspoons. I will be wearing jeans, a blue sweatshirt zipped top and have got shoulder length blonde hair, but then again so will probably 20% of the customers in there. I'll have my blue Karrimor daysack with me- that will hopefully narrow it down to about 15% now.!


Hi all,

Well, I think I'll have a look in Costa and Weatherspoons - haven't given it much thought of what to wear tomorrow but I'll be the one with a blue and black berghaus day bag, and blond ponytail lookng all nervous but excited - perhaps i shouldn't drink coffee tomorow.  Anyway, have a safe journey to Heathrow and see you there!

Okay well I will head for Costa  ......how mad! we have mobiles? mine is 07771968278 if anyone wants to txt...

short blond hair, khaki trousers, light green lowe alpine rucksack.

I am sure I probably win hands down for nervousness!!!  have barely been able to eat all week!!! 




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