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The trip notes don't mention the need for  rabies, cholera and meningitis vaccinations. The travel clinic I contacted mentioned these for people who will have close contact with the local community or health workers.

Are other people on this trip, or who have been having these ?




we had our yellow fever ones last weekend. rabies only recommended if you want to risk patting the local dogs..... the others were felt to be unnecessary or over-the-top for what we'll be doing. shopped round for malaria tablets too - morrisons were by far the cheapest. you got everything esle needed to take? gill


Thanks  Gillflecth.  Luckily, I found my Yellow fever certificate, so don't need to have that again after all. Ordinarily, I'd quite happily go for everything that is offered 'just in case' - but it does add quite a bit to the trip. Steve, who I'm travelling with isn't bothering with anything (other than Malaria, and he has Yellow fever).  I'm still unsure about the rabies booster. Steve didn't bother with the jab last time, and a Macaque monkey tried to bite him.I'm getting very excited now that it is only a matter of weeks away! 


ok, we'll try and avoid the monkeys\! We're getting excited too - its often the one thing that gets me through hard days at work.... You flying from Heathrow?


Hi Gill

Yes, we are going from Heathrow (I think!). I've been looking throught he notes to find out when we get the tickets, but can't see anythng.

The notes say take £'s, but the FAQ's say $, so I guess we'll take a bit of both.

What part of the UK are you travelling from? 





think  I remember reading somewhere we get tickets about a fortnight before - but not too sure.

we're taking US dollars as it looks like thats the easiest to change in each country.

travelling by national express from Derby. Thought the drive down to London isn't too bad but having driven before with serious jet-lag, didn't fancy it again, so letting the coach take the strain and putting up with the extra cost. Where are you travelling from?


Hi Gill

We are travelling from near Cambridge. I think we will probably go by train, although I was thinking of seeing if I can book a hotel for the day that we get back.

Got the tickets yesterday - I'm very excited now! See you in 3 weeks! 


yes, we got our etickets yesterday too. look forward to meeting you - don't know your name but soon will - and to meeting all our other fellow travellers! woohoo......

well, in 2 weeks time, we'll have finished work and checking the packing..... how excited am I?

anyone else out there counting the days?


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