AYUR- Gorillas and Masai Mara Reserve- July 16

Anybody joining me?!


wrong date posted!


I will be there.  Can't wait.


Anyone else out there going?  This is my first trip with exodus.  Any of you travelled with them before?


I'm going and it's my first exodus trip as well :-)

Got a question though.  I've been to see the travel clinic and they've advised that I should also consider Meningitis and Rabies vaccines.  Are you getting these as well?


I haven't actually gone to the clinic yet.  Plan to do that next month.

Everything I have read suggests rabies and meningitis, so I probably will get them.


It's my first trip with exodus too. Some of the vaccines require boots before you travel so I'd get them sooner rather than later! My travel nurse doesn't seem to think I'll need meningitis or rabies but I'll re-check to be sure.

Bill- Any advice on visas as the information is controversial- do we get them on arrival? Also what currency should we take as the info states you can't import their currency??!!

Looking forward to it.

Alex (Female!)


sorry meant vaccine boosts not boots!!


Yeah I'm getting some on the NHS i.e. Hep A, Typhoid, Polio, Tetnus and also just started a 3 jab course of Hep B, which the nurse insisted I should have.

Been speaking to a few people and they told me that they got cholera and meningitis when they went to Africa.  They didn't get the rabies but then they were not spending a lot of time with animals.

Also I've got the same question about Visas.  Need a multiple entry visa into Kenya as staying a bit longer after the trip so wondering if it's easier to get it before or at the airport.

Bill - thanks for the link, photos of the gorillas look great 


Thanks for the info.  I will book an appointment for next week.

Work has been so crazy I haven't researched things quite as carefully as I normally do.

The trip notes say that you can get the visas on arrival, but you can also get them before you go.  The only problem with that is that you have to go to London at least twice, as they take the passports in the morning and you get them back in the afternoon, so you can't get them done on the same day.  I don't know about anyone else, but that would be a nightmare for me.


Has anyone else booked to go up in the hot air balloon?


Yeah, I've booked onto the balloon flight too, should be good.

I'm guessing we should be ok to get all the visas on arrival then- is that what you're doing?


I'd definitely like to do the balloon ride but not yet booked it.  Think I will do as it sounds from the Trip notes that there's only a couple companies that Exodus use.

Humm you may be right about getting Visas at the borders 


I think so.  I am going to double check with Exodus next month to make sure nothing has changed.  Will let you know.

Have either of you ordered the exodus kit bag?  Is it any good?  I am going shopping for a few things this weekend, and my old kit bag has definately seen better days.  It still has sand ingrained into it from my last trip to Africa which I can't seem to get out!


That would be great, let us know how you get on with the Visa response

I've brought a rucksack as doing a couple festivals as well so feel it would be more useful than the kit bag 




Not going to order the kit bag because I've got most of the stuff from before so can't advise on that, sorry!


I do have a 90 litre kit bag, but am worried that this might be a bit excessive. 

 Mind you, I wouldn't have to worry about getting my sleeping bag in, and it does have compression straps.


I finally went to the travel clinic yesterday to start my vaccinations.  Luckily my yellow fever and tetanus, polio & diptheria are still all in date.

I am going to get Hep A and Typhoid from my doctor on the NHS but I was told that I should also have Hep B, Rabies, Cholera and Meningitis.  The nurse ran all of the holiday info through their system and printed off a health brief of recommended precautions and recent outbreaks.

I know it costs a lot of money, but  there have been reported outbreaks of meningitis and cholera in one or more of the countries we are going to in the last 6 months, and a recent traveller contracted rabies after a bat scratch camping near Nairobi.


Thanks for the vaccine info.

I'm having all the ones you are getting.  By the way you can get Hep B on the NHS as well.  I wasn't sure about the Meningitis jab and the nurse felt that there was less risk as we won't really be hanging around with people. I can leave the decision on the Meningitis one to the week before we depart but think I might have it as don't wantto take any chances

It does take time to schedule all the vaccines in so doing them now is definitely right!

Also I've just booked onto the hot air balloon ride.  Costs £350 and you get champagne brekkie thrown in!  It's expensive but reading some of the reviews it sounds like that can't be missed!

Really looking forward to this trip! 


Also the travel nurse convinced me that I needed the Rabies vaccine as she says that if you contract rabies and you've not had the 3 doses of vaccine then you need to have the antidote within 12 hours otherwise once it gets into your nervous system then survival chances are zero!!!! Scary huh?  Oh and to add to the drama, she said that the antidote is scarce and very hard to get hold of Africa!!!


Hello all,

I went on the a trip to Africa last year. I did not get the meningitis due to the duration of the trip and not spending lots for time with people in large population centres. On Rabies, it is true that it is 100% fatal, however, it is rare. The jabs you get are a prophylaxis they do not make you immune but give you longer to get the actual series of injections needed to protect from the disease.



When you went last year, did you just wait and get your visas once you were there?

Also, which malaria tablets did you take?  I have a private prescription for Malarone, but the last time I took them I was ill on about the 3rd/4th day.  As I was in Africa at the time, I didn't know if it was the tablets making me ill or something else.  Obviously want to make sure I am not ill for the Gorillas which happens to be on our 3rd day in Africa as we are on a reverse itinerary trip.

Pack light!  You keep your stuff in small lockers on the truck (boxes under the seats).  Sleeping bags kept at the back of the truck. 

Agree with the comment about rabies.

Malarone tends to be the favoured malaria tablet.  I always take them.

Gorillas are AMAZING!!!!  Maybe hire a porter to carry your daypack - it can be a long hike - all uphill through dense bamboo jungle and then dense jungle - garden gloves and long sleeves are a must!!  Lots of nettles etc.  But worth every step.  You will not be disappointed!!  Porters are cheap and will pull you up the mountain if necessary!  This is a fantastic trip!  Have fun!!!!


I'm getting malerone as heard that the side effects are not as bad

Thanks for the Rabies info.  I've started my course of injections now! 



 I took malarone a couple of years ago in the Amazon and was fine. I've got some left over that are still in date so will be taking them again. I think they are slightly more expensive but are apparently the best with fewest side effects.

I have contacted my travel nurse and Exodus and they both seem to think that cholera, rabies and menigitus vaccines are not needed. I already have the others so I guess I'm good to go!

I'm going to get my visas on arrival.

Not too long to go now!

Jeff Wilkes

Hi All. Am on this trip but only just caught up with the postings. Lots to arrange beforehand but you all seem prepared. Taking Malarone too, no problems in the past. As for the more exotic jabs I am sticking to the basic ones, no rabies etc. Getting all visas at the airport having had no problems on past trips. Always a good idea to carry spare passport size photos plus photocopies of the details page of your passport. I always take US dollars as I have found you can use them in airports for coffee and snacks etc wthout keeping local currency in hand. The Exodus kitbag should be large enough for the trip having used one before. Basic essentials should include anti-mozzy spray. I use Jungle Formula extra strength, available from Boots. It contains DEET but is very effective. Take some anti-histamine cream as well plus Loperimide and rehydration salts, just in case! Don't forget the sun block too. The balloon flight will be great but take a hat as the heat from the burner will be intense. Looking forward to meeting you all.




Hi everyone, its not long until we go now.  I think I am driving people at work crazy as I have been looking forward to this trip for so long.

I'm off to get the last of my jabs today and then I think I am nearly sorted.  I just need to get some money changed.  Has anyone found a really good exchange rate?  The best I have found so far is 1.44 USD to the pound at Thomas Cook and they don't charge commission.  This probably isn't bad in the current climate, just a bit depressing as last time I went to America i was getting 2$ to the pound.

Jeff Wilkes

Have a look at Travelex on line. You can order and pay on line and arrange for the cash to be picked up from the terminal at Heathrow on the day you travel. No commision either.


Anyone else going to be doing some packing over the weekend!




Have just done a load of packing and am already worried t hat I will have missed something.

Work, in their infinate wisdom are sending me on a business trip for a few days tomorrow, so I really don't have much time.

Hey all,

Jeez, how slow am I to all of this...?!  I'm now all packed and ready to go on Friday.  Think I'm up to speed with all vaccination and malaria tablet chat, and have had rabies and am gonna be taking malarone!  I'm also going to be at Heathrow (Virgin trains permitting as I'm travelling from Birmingham) around 5pm ish, with my black north face duffle and my Exodus luggage tag (prior to checking in, then Animal rucksack only) so I'm very happy for anyone to tap me on the shoulder if they spot me!!

Cant recall if anyone had travelled with Exodus before, but I did about 3 years ago, and they were ace.  There were 3 of us travelling in a group, and since I'm travelling solo this time I didnt even look at any other companies as they were fab last time.

Looking forward to getting started and meeting you all - although slightly apprehensive about the Sunday bombings in Kampala....eek.....not telling me Mum!!!

Kate x 



I am also aiming to get to Heathrow for about 5pm ish (although as I have talked my dad into taking me, will probably be early).  I will have my black Gelert duffel and animal shoulder bag, so again feel free to say hi if you spot me.

 Looking forward to meeting you allo and seeing the Gorillas!

My parents had a minor panic after the bombings, but I'm not going to let it worry me.  

See you all Friday.





Well just done packing.... did not get it done over the weeknd afterall. Hoping my PJ's will be dry to pack in the morning. I have been with Exodous before twice in fact they where ace both time hence trip number 3 :).

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