AZC - Zambezi Valley


and looking forward to meet the group - and just to start the thread :) with a packing-related question... I understand that we say goodbye to the 'large' baggage and we get reunited with it at the end of the trip.

I'm therefore intending to use a ~32 litre rucksack that, without completely filling it, could go through as hand luggage (hopefully) - as my main paranoia is related to airline(s) "misplacing" checked-in bag, so I would keep all essentials in this rucksack. But then again, is it large enough for what we need during the trip...

So I'd be very grateful for any advice in case the picture on how to  pack is much clearer to others :), considering the risk of main bag going missing but at the same time needing to have a large enough backpack to use during main part of trip.




Aurelija kindly checked with operations team, too and it seems large baggage could be 'accessed' on request on 4th day, otherwise it will turn up at the end of the trip.

So a reasonable rucksack as daypack would be sufficient anyway for the trip and size-wise one has a good chance IMHO with some 30-32 litre rucksack to go through as hand luggage. Fingers crossed :)



I must admit to being a bit worried about the loss of luggage on this trip too. I'm planning on cramming as much as possible into my day pack and take that on as hand luggage. Luckily we don't need to take much on this trip...



thanks, indeed it seems a daypack would keep us going.

Just wondering, on a different note, is anyone flying from Heathrow by any chance? 

Kind regards


I am going from Heathrow. 8pm flight I think on 31st.

Thanks, indeed it's (hopefully :) ) that 8PM flight. About 1 1/2 hours connection time so fingers crossed :) 

If you want to meet up at the airport here's my number 07964176949. That goes for anyone else on the trip too....

many thanks, I'm on 07748 766553 - few weeks ago it sounded like there will be very few of us going from Heathrow, so a tiny 'gathering' would be fun.

FYI, on an unrelated note, it seems that the connecting flight from Nairobi is going via Harare with a 'technical stop' but on the way back it goes directly from Lusaka to Nairobi. Interesting :)

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