AZV- Cape town to Victoria Falls May 28 to June 18


 Would like to meet anyone else who is booked on this trip ?


Getting excited now, and I  have the exodus app on my iphone and can't help but check the countdown clock every day !!


Hope to hear from anyone who is going on this epic adventure !



Its great to talk to someone also going on this trip. I'm so excited but a little nervous. Have you got much together yet? I have only brought a sleeping bag so far, I'm not sure what kind of things to pack, any ideas?


Hi Kath,

 Yeeeyyy someone else taking on the adventure with me, camping and all :)

 I cannot wait, really, people at work are sick of me talking about it !!

I have a few things sorted, just need to sort out my Visa for Zambia, and picks a few last things. List wise I have a little mini list I made myself just to remind me of the essentials, like suncream, zip off trousers insect repellant (50% deet kind) camera,  lots of memory cards !!

have you heard of anyone else who is going ? I called the other day and there are 6 of us in total so far so trip is definatly on !!


Carol :)


Hi CarolIt’s great to hear from you. I am so excited about this trip but I think I need to write a list and get a bit more organised. I have looked into getting the visa for Zambia but the website for the consulate keeps playing up. Sun cream and insect repellent are defiantly top of the list, boots have a very good own brand with deet.I haven’t heard from anyone else on the trip, like you I know there are 6, one couple and then the rest are solo. Can I ask what are you doing inoculations wise? There is a lot of different information out there.Kath : -)



I've contacted the doctors to ask, I know that we at least needed the hep B but I have that already due to my job. I'm going to check with the doctor to ask what else I might need. I think tetanus is another one, can't remember when I last had one !!

 I've also been trying to get my visa, finally got my new passport in and have all the information that they need so going to try and send it today, then thats another thing checked off the list !

I was looking at my mini list and have a few things that I think are a bit essentual, like a head torch, I have that already, my collegue at work has already said he will loan me a pair of binoculars to take as well so at least I don't have to buy them. Walking boots are already purchased, and tying to break them in.

What are you doing about money/currency ? I have a bip bag think to take with me, but unsure if I should just take dollars as apparently they are easier to change and most of the activities outside namibia are paid for in Dollars.

 are you thinking og doing many activities ?


I still have to contact the doctors but I think I just need the hep A and B and malaria tablets.Where did you get your visa form from or are you doing it via the company exodus recommend? I tried the embassy website again but it still won’t work.Binoculars! Thanks I hadn’t thought of that, another thing to add to the list. As for currency I think I will take mainly US$ and maybe a small amount of rand. I’m not sure on the amounts though, not sure how much I will need.As for activities I want to do everything possible. I like the sound of the dolphin cruise, the elephant trail and sand boarding. Might be persuaded to bungee jump or sky dive. How about you? Do you know if you have to book the activities before we go?  



I'm doing the visa myself, the website reccommended charges like £82 for booking the visa when it only costs £35 for the visa itsself !! so decided to just go and get it myself, plus we can get a visa upon entry to South Africa and don't need a visa for Botzwana, or namibia.  Activity wise, you book and pay for when we get there, i'm doing the Elephant trails, lion encounter, sandboarding and doing the Bungee jump, also the bungee jump i'm paying for but getting people at work to sponsor me for it for Maggies Cancer charity centre in Glasgow.

Oh by the way i'm from Glasgow, where abouts are you ?



So are you going to london to get the visa?? I'm still trying to get the form from the web but not having any luck.

Thats great that your getting people to sponsor you to bungee jump, I will have to make sure you go through with it then lol :-) I hope you raise a lot for your charity. Where do you work?

I live in Birmingham, and I work in fraud management.


Thats really kind of you, thank you, I will try the link and let you know.

Your right from your picture I would never have guessed your a police officer :-) I bet you love your job.

Poor you having to make extra flights and getting to london so early, I'm lucky living in the midlands I'm not too far away and family and friends are kind enough to give me a lift.

 I am so excited about going!!!


Hiya :)

 Yeah lovvvveee my job, its great, great group of people to work with as well !

I've just had to call the airline BMI for my flight to Heathrow, first off I booked the flight months ago and it was from Glasgow to Heathrow, I then got an e-mail stating that there were flight changes and I checked it and low and behold they have changed the flight from Edinburgh to heathrow as their not flying as much from Glasgow now !!! bummer as it means I need to travel to Edinbugh at about 5 in the morning just to get there, plus i don't know now if i can take my car to teh airport as i was parking in the police office at Glasgow airport for free now i'll have to pay for long term parking which is about £100 or so !! so still trying to figure out what my options are :( Suppose i could get someone to drop me off and if I bribe them enough maybe come pick me up when i return.

I just picked up my malaria tablets today from the chemist so thats that sorted now.

What time do you expect to get to Heathrow?

I'm getting really really really excited now, i honestly can't wait !!! i've been checking websites with regards to weather to see what we should expect, hopefully its going to be good weather most of the time i know their just coming out of raining season at the end of february so the Victoria falls will be in full flow by the time we get there.

Oh just though of something else that i am taking as well, i've got these little plastic containers, decided that I would love to get some sand from everywhere that we visit, sounds a bit sad but i want to get some took look back on :)

 Is there anything that you can think of that we might also need ?


Oh no! I can't believe the airline have done that to you. I hope you can get someone to drop you off, it would make things a bit easier for you. I think I'm going to get to Heathrow about 7.

Your so organised! I have the week of work next week so I'm going to sort out the doctors and shopping then. I have been looking at back packs but there are so many different kinds I don't know where to start. I'm sure we will have great weather : - ) and Victoria falls should be amazing! I really like your idea of collecting sand, it will be great to bring a bit of africa home with you. I can't wait to go to the sand dunes!!!

I can't think of anything, I have written a list (it gets longer all the time), I'm sure you have everything covered : - ) I am getting together a mini medical kit, nothing major just things for tummy upsets etc. Oh and I got an inflatable pillow to take up less room and swim wear for showering ( I read that some of the showers are very open and visited by frogs lol ). Some advice a friend gave me is not to wear white as the dust will stain it. How about you any ideas?


head torch ha ha ha, just checked my half packed bacg and noticed that I got myself a head torch !

Believe me when i say this i am soooo not orginised, like you my list of things to do seems to be getting longer and longer and longer.......i was debating whether to take a rucksack or take the exodus bag that i bought hmmmmm no idea !

 What kind of sleeping bag did you get ? i'm wanting to get one which will take up as little room as possible. OMG getting a little nervous, what if I forget something important ha ha ha

medical kit is a great idea, and an inflaitable pillow, hells yeah, thats a great idea, i was thinking of taking my snuggie with me, its a pillow thing with little balls in it, squishes quite easily.

lucky you getting a week off work, I don't have any time off apart from a public holiday on the 25th April, and i've got a night out that day as well !




 Ok so went to the post office today, as I wanted to find out what happens with regards to sending a passport so ended up spending £6 on a special delivery pre-paid in order that they send to back to me special delivery, just need to get the paperwork filled out for hte visa and thats that bit sorted.

Here's a question for you and it may sound really stupid but how much clothing do you think we will need to pack ? I mean do we have access to laundry facilities etc ? should I be bringing some detergent with me ha ha ha

The exodus bag is quite big actually, i was surprised at how big when I got it, its about the twice the size of big sports duffel bag, can't remember the capacity and all that, but i've already got a rucksack so going to see what is better with regards to packing and maybe do a bit of stitching to have something to attach my sleeping bag on to.

How is the search going anyway ? BTW the sleeping bag that you have looks great, well fit for purpose, might look in to getting one myself...



Yeah special delivery is definately needed, make sure the passport gets back. I still have to get passport photos but at least I have the form now : - )

Not a stupid question at all, Ive been thinking the same thing and I really don't know. I have read that some camp sites have "laundry facilities" but i think its hand washing with cold water and bio degradeable soap lol. I dont want to over pack but then we are going for three weeks? Might just have to smell ha ha. The other thing is with the first couple of days in cape town I dont really want to be wearing "bush" gear. Sounds silly i know because then shoes get involved, Ill be packing my whole wardrobe at this rate. What do you think?

Yeah I'm very pleased with the sleeping bag, just need to get everything else now : - ) I'm so excited!


hmmmmm... what to pack what to pack.

Well i've had the saem though as you, wanna look half alive in capetown and not looking like a throw back to indiana jones, i'll probably pack a few casual tops and trousers  to deal with that situation.

I was looking at travel sites things and they have these things called "soap sheets" their like little sheets that "apparently" make some soap for washing clothes etc, believe it when I see it, i'll probably just take some soap powder or liquid tab things with me and that will cover it, plus i'm sure there will be at least one shop on the route where we can pick up something to wash our clothes with, if not, prepare for lots and lots of deo and febreeze !

At the rate i'm going i'll have two bags to take with me as I also want to pack the kitchen sink !!

Dam I forgot I have to get two passport sized photo's !!

tell me something though, do you have to let your bank know that you may be using your card in South Africa ?



Ha ha, yeah, no indi impressions untill we are in the bush hey. I'll do the same but its a pain having to pack the extra stuff.

I got my ruck sack today! It's 65l but it doesnt look big enougth. Hopefully there is room for everything although things might be a bit sqwished. I was in the out door shop and they sell bio degradeable clothes soap so Ill get some of that, which we can always share :-)

Yep defiantly let your bank know, just call the customer service number on the back of your card. All they do is put a note on your file about where your going and when and then the fraud department should leave you alone : - ) Make sure you let them know your traveling around the diff countrys, and dont forget any credit cards aswell.

Do you have any idea how much currency your takeing? I'm going to get US $ and some Rand but I just dont know how much?


42 days to go and counting !

I'll need to make sure that I call as I get paid on the day we leave so will probably use my debit card if i want to pay something using that and call my credit card was well. At the moment I have £800 saved, so will probably change most of it to $ as that works out about $1302 with the exchange rate, but will get some rand as well. Aparently we can change money in capetown as well so don't know wether to change before I get there or when I get there.

I was trying to work out if it would be a good idea to pack clothing for about a week -2 weeks and then wash them on rotation so i'm not packing as much as I want to bring back lots and lots of souviners. Plus i know we need to make sure that we have $25 for the departure tax coming out of livingstone. But all in i'm thinking that I will need about £1000 so I can go on as many of the activities as possible. My main ones are still the bungee jump, elephant trails, lion Encounter, dolphin cruise, township tour, and sandboarding.

Got myself a canon powershot camera as well so should be able to take some sweet pictures :)


Only 42 days! thats not long is it! I'm so excited!

I think I'm going to use my card mostly while we are there, save carrying a lot of cash. I had some advice on the US$, get small bills as any change will most likely be the local currency and then you loose out on the exchange rate : - )

I know what you mean about needing room for souviners but my concern is drying clothes and remember there is no iron lol. I'm so excited about the activities, mainly the elephants and the sand boarding.

So what is your camera like? I have a camera but its just a compact so I'm thinking of getting a better one but I dont want to spend too much on it really.


Camera wise i'm taking a Canon s5 IS, its got an optoc zoom which is aparently good for taking pictures at a distance, but don't worry any that I take i'll be able to send to you as well after we get back, but lets not talk about returning yet :)

Probably a good idea to use the card more, but don't know how much to take in currency, got all the paperwork ready to send for my visa just need to get the pictures and then send it on Monday when the post office opens, been night shift all weekend so havent had the chance to get to the post office.

Have you already sent your visa application off ?


I like this countdown thing lol!

Sharing pictures is a great idea, thank you : - )

I havent sent off for my visa yet, still need to get the photos but I'm going to sort all that out this week hopefully. Poor you on night shift, that can't be fun.

Currency wise I'm thinking about £300 worth of US$ and then £100 worth of rand? But thats not based on anything, just my general thoughts : - )

I'm starting to get really excited now, I can't wait to go!!!


Same here getting really excited and can't wait to see what we're going to see and do and can't wait to get to the sand dunes  and take some sunset pictures.

I've been trying to decide what clothes to take, I know that we will need a good warm jacket for the night time, but what to wear at night is a challenge, I mean it says that it can get really cold due to no cloud cover, but at the same time i'm getting conflicting results on what the weather will be like.

I still can't believe though that there are only 6 of us so far, I though there would be alot more due to the other dates only having 2 spaces or 1 space left.

Last night shift tonight so going to head to the shops tomorrow and see if I can get some summer tops and tank tops to wear while I'm there, and I have a surprise top that you'll get to see when we fly out :) you'll need to wait and see what it is ha ha ha



One of the things I can't wait to see are the jack ass penguins on boulder beach in cape town, I really hope we get to visit there. Its all so exciting!

I think we will just have to be prepared for all kinds of weather but hopefully it will be warm and sunny all the time! Ill be going shopping soon, it will be hard staying away from bright summer colours though lol

I called the doctors today for the travel vacs, can't get an appointment till next wed : - ( I'm not looking forward to it. The nurse is scary and really loves giving people injections!

Its nice that its a small group, kind of wondering why no-one else is in contact though.

I'm Really curious to know what your surprise top is! Any clues? lol 


I think that being a small group will make it a bit more fun, hopefully the other people on the trip will also be up for most of the activities, it will be like one big party all the time :)

i'm looking forward to the Seals at capecross and most of all the Lions during the lion encounter, that is going to be soooooo much fun !

Its a little weird that noone else has been in contact, hopefully nearer the time they will check out this thread on the forum and we will at least get to introduce ourselves.

no clues for the myrstery top :)


Not even just a little clue? : - )

 Thats what I'm hopeing for, one big party with lots of adventure. I'm looking forward to the seals too but hope we are not down wind lol And the lions will be amazing, I have fed them before and they are so beautiful, the amazing thing is the really natural fear you get when you get close up. Its scary but a great experiance!

Yeah it would be nice to hear from the others, if only to learn their names. But I guess we will all meet at heathrow. Do you plan to sleep on the plane, I'm going to try but I thing the excitement might get the better of me : - )


i will be trying my best to sleep on the flight, how long is the flight again ? I think its 12 hours but could be wrong.

Having wardrobe troubles :( need to get myself to the gym and see if I can lose a little before we head out as clothing wise...either they are making things a lot smaller or I have put on a crap load ha ha ha

Clue- its something that I got made for the trip and is functional :) thats all your getting !!

sent off my visa application today by special delivery so hopefully it will come back really really soon, Once its back thats pretty much all the paperwork type stuff done and dusted !


Yeah I think it is 12hrs, I will try and sleep, I just have to try and not get too excited which will be difficult : - )

What you wrote about a crap load really made me laugh! I'm sure you haven't : - ) I have the same trouble, but I blame the little elves that travel around wardrobes shrinking things lol

Thats not much of a clue, how can a top be functional? : - )

I'll be sending my visa in the next few days I hope, what paper work did you send with it? I know they need a conformation letter of the trip but I'm not sure what to send.



 I sent my passport, a photocopy of my details page, the flight details which were e-mailed to us upon payment and I just copied the itinery from the website and sent that, plus my two awesome photo's ha ha ha, hopefully they won't deny my visa based on the photo's alone!

 I'm liking the idea that its the elves shrinking clothes, stoopid little elves !

ahhhhh i don't want to wait anymore !!!!! a month is too freaking long !! wish it was next week or something, plus i'm going to be off work for nearly a month roll on happy days :)

Oh and its kinda functional, although that may be just in my warped mind.......i must warn you though the warped mind is a true statement, i am a bit of a shit magnet at work, so hopefully it won't follow me to SA !



I will send the same then for the visa. I have to pick up the rest of the paper work from Thomson travel agents tomorrow as I booked through them so Exodus sent everything there first, not sure why but oh well : - ) And I need to get the photo's, (I can be a bit camera shy lol )

Always blame the elves, they get up to allsorts ha ha

I'm a bit worried now about what you said about being a shit magnet, and in your line of work lol As for the warped mind, no worries, you haven't meet me yet ha ha

what area of the police do you work in?


just your run of the mill frontline officer. Stab vest and all.

No way that your going to get out of me taking loads of pictures of everyone and everything :)

i'm debating whether to get a little solar charger for my ipod, i'm taking one of those little ipod shuffles with me, doesnt take long to charge up and will be a god send on the long ass rides that we will be doing.

Need to make sure as well that the P20 sunscreen I have bought will be enough for me to take, as I can burn quite easy of I don't put anything on, so i'm hoping that the p20 stuff will do the trick and maybe get a tan !


I'm so jelous, you get to work with men in uniform ha ha

I might try and hide a little : - ) no Ill be doing the same, I will be taking loads of pictures, I brought a new camera, nothing fancy but it is better than my normal compact. I always think might aswell do things properly : - )

A solar chrager sounds like a great idea! I know we are ment to be able to charge things as we go but its prob best not to rely on it. Yeah I think we will be spending a lot of time driving.

Yep need lots of sunscreen! No-one wants to burn or get sun stroke, that would be no fun : - ) And if i  dont get a tan I want a refund ha ha

I'm getting sooooo excited!

Chip and Tracey here. We are the couple. We booked in July last year. So the long wait is nearly over. Looking forward to meeting you both and having a great holiday.


Hello Chip and Tracey, it's great to hear from you! Have you read all our non-sense? lol

I am really looking forward to this adventure and I know we will all have an amazing time ; - )


Hi Chip and Tracey, welcome to the madess that is going to be our epic adventure:)

Kath, i've had blonde moment and hopefully it won't be hard to fix but i've just realised that i sent all the paperwork to London for the visa and forgot to put in the bloody fee !!

going to go to the post office tomorrow and send down the postal orders via special delivery and hope that they will still process the visa !

any suggestions as I can't seem to get through on the phone !


Ha ha don't worry, I have blonde moments all the time and I'm a brunette ha ha.

Hopefully they will get the postal order and it will be fine, and it only takes them 3 days to process a visa so there is lots of time. I'd keep calling them and send them an e-mail. It will all work out : - ) 

I'm going to send mine off today, fingers crossed they will let me in because my photo is sooooo bad! You see I have good reason for being camera shy : - )


Chip and Tracey, if you don't mind me asking, where are you from and what do you do? : - )

Of course we don't mind you asking, we live in Abingdon, just outside Oxford. Tracey works for the police as a civilian and I am a lorry driver. It might be worth pointing out that we are more than likely the old couple of the group (50)ish, but I can assure you we are very young at heart. I spoke to Aurelija yesterday and she said that there are now 7 on the trip.



I was the last one to join the trip to make 7, I'm 25, I think I'm the youngest. I live in Birmingham and work in fraud management (not as exciteing as it sounds).

I'm sooo excited about the trip, can't wait to see the wild life. 


I am also on this trip and can't wait!! I'm Robert, 34 years old and I live in Norfolk.  I already have my Zambian visa and have also been having my jabs. Have any of you decided which anti-malarial tablets you will be taking? I have been trying to go on this trip for the last two years ( something always seemed to coincide) and am thrilled that it is only a few more days away!!


Nice to hear from you. I haven't had my jabs yet, thats next week, don't know what tablets to take, there are a few different kinds, I'm thinking one that doesn't have to be taken with food would be best.


£100 each? thats really bad. I'm not looking forward to the jabs, only beacuse the nurse that does them is not very nice : - )

Only 36 days, I'm getting really excited now! My new camera came today, I have been following my cat around the garden, practice capturing the wild life ha ha


Had travel jabs today, my arm is a bit stiff : - ( but getting very excited!!!!

Where are you all ?. You ladies have been having a right old natter and now nothing for 10 days.

We got our final joning instructions on Wednesday and we are going to have a good look at everything over the weekend. I think we are pretty much sorted but have yet to decide what cash / currencies to carry.

I guess we will get to Heathrow between 4 and 5 and get into the departure lounge asap. Perhaps we should make a plan to meet, ( we all have a picture of Carol ) so it should be easy.

Hi Robert



 Sounds like your pretty much sorted, i've got the same problem and trying to decide what to take with regards to currency and cash with me.

 I arrive at Heathrow early morning, so will probably head in to town for a few hours or sleep depending on how long i'll be up before the flight from Edinburgh.

My flight was supposed to be from Glasgow to Heathrow but BMI have changed the departure airport so that was a bit of a bummer !

I think thats a great idea to meet in the departure lounge as hpefully everyone is on the same flight to Cape Town :)

I also got the final joining instructions so it seems a bit more real now, a year in planning and its fintally here, i'm getting quite excited now  !


Well guys only 21 days to go !!!!

Gonna be fun !!


Nice to hear from you all again! I'm getting soooooo excited now.

 Having the same thoughts about currency, will take mainly us$ i think but have no idea how much.

Hey I contacted Exodus about the possiblety of cage diving with great whites in cape town, they said to arrange it there with the tour guide, anyone else up for it?????

Looking forward to meeting you all at the airport!!!!!!


Got my final instructions too! It does seem more real now, although I can't believe it is actually only three weeks away!  Just made a list of things I still need to sort out.

I am also trying to work out how much money to take.  Depends on how many of the extra trips we will be able to squeeze in.

I plan to get to the airport around 5pm so it will be good to meet up with you all before the flight ( Just look for the most excited person in the airport - that will be me!!!!).


I've made up sooo many lists the past few months, i swear to god I have a notebook with different lists and I keep adding things to it, so i'll be the person at the airport with about 6 bags !!

 I'm probably going to send an e-mail to exodus to ask aboout what other activities there are and how much they are as i've so far got a list of the ones from the trip notes which I want to do but don't want to miss out on anything !


18 days people !!!



I just cant wait to go!!!!!!

 Got my malaria tablets, £78, not impressed, but better safe than sorry : - )

Still got loads of shopping to do, cant wait to meet you all!!!!!

There is a pub in the departure lounge called the Bridge, how about meeting there between 1730 and 1800 hrs.

We have just got our money, we went for US $ and a lot of Rand, Tracey read on line that Rand is used in Namibia and has parity to there currency.


Sounds like a great way to begin the adventure!

Just so you all know, and I did ask exodus for advice on it, but I'm going to take some things like school books, pencils etc. Exodus said our tour guide will know of schools we can visit and I thought it would be great to take some things. I know its not much but it might make a tiny difference. Just thought I'd mention it : - )

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