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Bedouin tents?

Thinking of the Petra & Wadi Rum trip next March. Have lots of camping experience, but rather put off by the idea of "communal" Bedouin-type tents. Neither do we fancy sleeping under the stars.

Can anyone share their experience of these communal tents?


I stayed in Bedouin tents in the summer of 2007, albeit not on an Exodus trip but one with a similar company.  The 'tents' were canvas square tents on metal frames with 2-3 beds in each.  the beds were metal framed, normal bed height - we did not have to sleep on matresses on the floor.

 We also had the choice of claay/mud huts, a bit like a very small house shaped building, sleeping 2 people but as it was sooooo hot in the desert I chose a tent.

You will soon get to know the group you are travelling with and should find one or 2 people you are happy sharing a tent or hut with. I did my Jordan trip as my first solo trip and was very nervous about this aspect of the trip but I enjoyed it so much I have travelled with exodus again since and have just booked a trip for 2010!

Enjoy - you'll have a great time!


We went with Exodus to Libya a few years ago on a trip that included several nights camping in the desert. Two-person tents were provided but hardly anyone used them. What don't you fancy about sleeping under the stars?

Later this month we are going on the Petra & Palymra trip and are looking forward to being in Wadi Rum on New Year's Eve, sleeping out if possible. However if it does turn out to be communal tents I'll report back here.




As promised, an update: we stayed at Lawrence's Camp in Wadi Rum on 31 December along with about 30-40 others. There were 4 large fixed tents (actually low concrete walls with canvas flaps/roofs), each with room for 12-15 people. Some were fuller than others, and one didn't smell particularly nice. Another option was sleeping in the dinner/tea tent with the fire, but obviously that meant being the last to bed. My wife and I took our own sleeping bags and the provided, thin but adequate, mattresses just outside the camp and had a very comfortable night.

I did this trip back in December 2007, so things may have changed a bit since then but there was only one or 2 nights when communal tents were used, the rest of the time 2 men tents were provided. There's always the option to just sleep out under the stars and it can get dark quite early depending on when you go.

We did this trip back in 2008. We only stayed in the large communal tents once, at Lawrence Camp. These are large and sleep up to around 20, with cushions and blankets provided. The support vehicle carries tents if you want them, however, we (and all the others on the trip) opted to get into our sleeping bags under the stars for the whole trip, and this, in my opinion, added to the experience. Going to sleep watching shooting stars in a clear desert sky is more than worth any discomfort or embarrassment.


I will prefer this blog because it has much more informative stuff.


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