Belize and Guatemala

Hi, is anyone going on this holiday 19th May or has anyone been on this trip before and give me any tips or advice.


Hi Lynn. 

Myself and my wife will be on it.  This is a new trip and 19 May will be the first departure - so it will be a new experience for all.

I've been to Belize before and it is fantastic.  However, also lots of places on the trip I haven't been to so really looking forward to it.



Hi Jon,

Thanks for your reply. Didn't realise it was a new trip so we'll be the pioneers. Look forward to the holiday and it'll be good to meet you both.



Hi Lynn/ Jon,

We will be going on the trip too.  We're really looking forward to it and it'll be nice to meet you.

Mark and Kerstin


Hi Lynn, Jon (+1), Mark and Kerstin

This is beginning to remind me of a memory game!

We are going on the trip too and bare egining to get REALLY excited about it.

 Look forward to meeting up

Kate & Jonathan 

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