best time to go on indo china grand tour???

Hi just wondering if anyone who has been or the exodus staff to give me some advice on the best time to go on this tour? Been looking at it and my 3 options i have are July/August seen its rainy season but Angkor wat is ats its mosr beautiful with full moats, October/ early november seen/heard good times for Halong Bay and Angkor Wat, or febuary dry heat but Halong bay could be misty and frosty and as this and Angkor with Luang Prabang are the main highlights i would be concerned about going at this time of year as photos/viewing may be poor along Halong bay. Simply asking can anyone give me there views if you have been on these times of year and your thoughts on the trip highlights and when best to view them? What ive been reading it may sound best for October but it would be great to hear peoples views?

Well I'm hoping to go in December 2011 :) 



One of the best times to travel to Southeast Asia overall would be November to February. The wind direction is reversed, so the monsoons bring drier, less humid, and slightly cooler weather to most of the area. However it can be cold in Halong bay at this time, a warm jacket, hat and gloves are recommended, so you probably wont be swimming. It can also be very atmosphere with clouds/mist rolling in making for great photos. All in all you will probably get wet somewhere on your travels at whatever time of year you go seeing as four countries are visited.Nick Nikolsky - Trip Manager


I did the Indo China trip a few years ago. I can recommend Nov. There are some interesting festivals at that time of year. The end of bhudist lent, lots of dragon boat racing during the day, and lots of fireworks and huge paper boats lit with candels on the river at night.  there is the water festival near the end of nov. check the dates as they are differant every year, like our easter. ps you will get wet.

hope this helps Jules 


Due to schol holidays I had to go in August and expected rain. However, had very little but it was very, very hot and humid. However, the whole trip was fantastic, clear skies for the most part even in Bangkok. All places wonderful but my favourites were Laos and Cambodia, I'm sure you will love it whatever time you decide to go.



I am thinking of March. Any advice for that time of year?


A wonderful trip, but extremely hot in April. It got to the high 30s and wasn't much cooler at night. Thankfully everywhere you stay has air-conditioning, or fans.

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I realized this is an old post. However, I would like to give my insights in traveling Southeast Asia. Countries have tropical climates, best time to visit would be November to February. July/August is also a good time to visit to witness some festivals. However, these seasons are crowded. Might as well just visit in September as the number of tourists is not thick and the weather is fine.

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