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Hi, just wondering what the best time to trek a highish altitude trek in nepal is? Im thinking of the high passes of Everest in march 2012 and weather seems mainly dry but my main ponder is haze in the afternoon and does this appear when you are quite high i.e. 4000 to 5600m rather than lower areas? The main point of this question is im really into photography so would probs go when its better for this im looking at March 2012 but the other alternative would be later in the year like September/October time? If any one has ideas/info/ experience on this that would be great! Thanks Cornell


Sorry forgot to mention are flowers coming up on the march departure spring time in nepal?


I think Autumn get better clarity of light and less chance of rain but October / November you may get some snow high up - which is great for photographs.  True you don't get the spring flowers but then you don't get leaches either!  Also the higher you go, the fewer plants you will see.  I have done the high passes trip (not with exodus) and it is great once you get higher up.

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It  is usually cloudy in the afternoons in spring in Nepal. The cloud begins to build up late morning so for clarity the best time to go on The High Passes of Everest  trip would be November, then October and finally the Spring season.


we went on the high passes in Oct / Nov last year. it was awesome, occasional cloud in the afternoon but always clear in the mornings (which was the better time for photos).

more practically, cloud will limit the flights in / out of lukkla which is the main reason for trying to avoid them!


Thanks for getting back to me, to be honest thats what i thought altho its good to actually get opinions from people who have been, il be thinking about it closer in the coming months when i look to book!


I am really wondering what the weather will be like in Novemeber on the way up to Base Camp.  I am thinking it will be between 60-70 F during the day and as cold as 30-40 F at night, does anyone know?  I have not found much information on this.  I just don't want to be cold!



DAYTIME - its warm enough for shorts & tshirts for the first couple of days, then something like a helly hansen baselayer and normal hiking trousers. its v cold before the sun rises, then warms up very quickly. have something in your daypack for when you stop for rests tho 

 NIGHTIME - a decent 3 or 4 season sleeping bag and you'll be fine - we were in tents too. get a decent woolly hat tho! cant think it got below say -10c


I`m booked go on the High Passes in Nov 2012, so I tracked the weather this Nov. at the two weather stations I could find.

Namche, around -3 to -6 deg C at night, 8 to 12 deg C day.   Cloudless skies. Light winds. 

Dingboche,around -6 to -10 deg C at night, 4 to 8deg C day.   as above


We went in April and we did have 3-5 nigheresy least where it dropped to around -15 if not more. I do remember having -11 inside the tent. But if you come prepared you'll be fine. What helped me was a winter thermarest, 4 seaon down sleeping back and instead of the inner silk sheet I had another 1.5 season down Bag. This keeps moisture way from the main bag as it gets icy and wet from your breathing in cold. Hot Sigg water bottel with a good insulating layer will keep your bag toasty until the morning :) one thing I regret not bringing on this trip was down jacket. They are usefull when it's freezing in the evening or morning.And it will be. But the trip was the trip of my life! Be physically prepared, go slowly, always listen to your guides and you'll be fine :) have acreally good time!!! Would love to back there one more time myself...

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