Best trip to SS Africa?


I'm planning on doing a solo trip in SS Africa, first time there.

 Anyone have a recommendation on the best Exodus trip?  Criteria - moderate, solo, best wild life & nice accomodation etc.

 Is it worth tacking on the Zanibar bit?

 Many thanks,



 My vote goes to Kilimanjaro-Serengeti-Zanzibar. It ticks all the boxes (a bit more than moderate though)  ;-).  It's one of the firms best.


Dear Dmac,

 thanks for your enquiry.

Hard to suggest which would be the best trip to Africa, as this beautiful continent is so vast and varied!

If you have never been to Subsaharan Africa, Kenya could provide a great introduction to Africa. The wildlife is simply incredible all year round and because I am understanding you would like to choose a trip with nice accommodation, I can suggest our Classic Kenya Safari and Zanzibar. This is a premium adventure trip, meaning that the accommodation is particularly comfortable and of higher level than our usual standard trips. We also offer the same trip without Zanzibar, but if the budget allows, I think a visit to the spice island is definitely worth it! In the Masai Mara we use Basecamp, which is certainly one of the best luxury permanent tented camp available in the area (you can check their website for more details).

Another trip I thought might suit you is Cape Town to Victoria Falls. The trip visits South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia, certainly 4 incredible countries which have so much to offer: the beautiful city of Cape Town, the desert and Fish River Canyon in Namibia, Etosha National Park, the Victoria Falls are just a few of the highlights of this trip. We have both camping a lodge departures, therefore you can choose what you think would be best for you.

I hope this helps with your decision. However, please note that our staff is very well travelled and we have experts who cover all the areas we sell. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further details or would like to chat with one of our consultant!

 Kind Regards

Daniela Pontis

Product Executive


Many thanks for the advice. 

Daniela, why are solo departures available for Classic Kenya Safari but not for the Classic Kenya Safari & Zanzibar?  Does it matter if travelling alone whether you go on a designated Solo Departure or do solo travellers get on equally as well in the mixed groups?



I can recommend Cape Town to Vic Falls. I did it a couple of years ago, particularly the night drive options in Etosha. I did one from Namutoni which was great. As regards travelling solo there is a forum topic on this with several contributors that you may want to check out but solo travellers generally get on well in mixed groups.

Sorry forgot to say where the topic is
In Focus
Would you consider travelling on your own?

Hi Dmac, I did the East African Game Parks and Beaches trip last October. This has 3 days in Zanzibar at the end of the trip which was a nice way to wind down and relax after a busy itinerary. I absolutely loved the trip and Africa itself so much so that am doing the Cape Town to Vic Falls trip in a few weeks and can't wait. Neither of these trips are specifically solo departures but am travelling solo and from personal experience it doesn't make any difference to me as have always had a real mix of people on the trips and never felt like the odd one out so to speak. I hope you have a great time wherever you decide to go. Laura


Dear Dmac,

sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but I have been out of office. As Laura wrote, many of our clients are solo travellers, therefore even if you don't choose a designated Solo Departure, it is very likely that there will be solo travellers in your group.

I hope that helps

Kind Regards



Thanks to everyone for the feedback. Will definitely book one of the safari solo trips!

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