Birthday climb - Kilimanjaro

I'm booked on the 11th of June climb, anyone else?


Hi Neil

I'm assuming a celebation when you away?! Yes if trip code is TYW i'm also going on trip leaving 11/6. really excited with a little trepidation. :-) Will be interesting to how the solo travellers trip goes as Ive only travelled on the mixed groups before.



...yep, having my 50th on the Mountain. My trip code is TYW1023  Rongai Route, so it looks like I will be seeing you there. I too have a little trepidation, particularly about the altitude sickness, but I'm sure we will be fine.



What a fantastic way to spend your 50th I did an exodus trip on my 40th, so was in the atlas mountains trying to do the winter trek up Mt Toubkal, the snow thwarted our attempt but was still pretty amazing. Yes altitude...not much can do to prepare for that, must admit am increasing trips to gym tho.



I'm flying from Heathrow with Exodus on the 11th, flight goes via Amsterdam apparently, what about you?


Hello, Sorry it's taken me so long to reply.

Yes I do have some experience of travelling in some parts of Africa, I have set up a project building a school in Uganda so I have spent quite a lot of time there in the past couple of years and i'm going straight over to Uganda after Kilimanjaro. I think this time I will get my Visa before- I know that it's easy to get a Visa for Uganda and Kenya at the airport and I would guess Tanzania is the same but it sometimes works out a little bit cheaper to get one before.

As for flavourings for water I have used the sachets of powdered squash before- I think Lucozade do different flavours which also give you a burst of much needed energy.

Have you been doing much training? I have been going to the gym a little more than often and last week I did some walking up in Yorkshire but i'm finding it difficult to find training activities that are actually worth while (due to the lack of mountains around here) What kinds of things have you been doing?



Hi to everyone going up kili on the 11th of june,my computer is as dodgy as my knees but i would welcome a call off anyone doing the trip.                                                                                            Phil

Hi all, not long to go and just getting focused. Sent off for Visa but with agency at the moment, thought was easier to get in advance. I'm not sure about using Diamox, definately unsure about buying drugs off the net ! Training - just been to Cork walking over there and catching up with guys met in Peru last year and having a long weekend in lakes, same problems as you guys not many hills in Norfolk let alone mountains. need to get my gear together, will be beg, stealing or borrowing lol. Really looking forward to catching up with you all. I need to get malaria tabs but im ok with other jabs. I'm flying from Norwich early the friday morning so will be having a nice in hotel then meeting group at Airport when you arrive on the Sat morning. AFN Tracy 


Hello, yes am also booked on the 11th June for the kili trek. My name is Sylvia and as it happens I will also be turning 50 while out there. Also my daughter Claire is travelling with me who is 26yrs. We are both getting more excited and more nervous as the time is getting nearer. Never done anything like this before. Look forward to meeting you all.


.... the geriatric trek :-) Hi Sylvia, are you flying from Heathrow, or joining in Tanzania?


We are flying from Heathrow to Nairobi, then on to Kilimanjaro airport.  Still got to get rucksack, not quite sure what size to get, any suggestions?


I guessing you mean your daysack? You probably already have your main bag provided by Exodus. My daysack is one I've had for some time, i'ts a smalish 22 litre one on a frame. I think the recomended one is 35 litre though. I'm happy with mine, so I'm sticking with it. It has a waterproof cover and easily carries a 2 litre hydration bladder and enough room for waterproofs.

Myself and Phill Newman are on the same flight as you, I orignally thought it went via Amsterdam, but I'm releived to know now that it doesnt.

How has your training gone?


Training started slowly in January by going for longer walks locally, progressing onto the gym twice a week for a while. Then went to gym tree times a week and have done a bit of cycling. Diddn`t do anything a couple of weeks ago as wasn`t well. O.k now but finding it hard to get into, will give myself a push and get back into it this week. Hope all of it will help, won`t know til we get there.  


Hi folks,

A bit late to the forum - i will be joining the flight out from Heathrow on 11th for the Kili trek. Just getting my kit together and will be leaving Aberdeen for London on Thursday. Hope to catch up with some of you at Heathrow.


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