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We would love to hear from anyone going on this trip.


Richard & Chris

I'll be coming along...from the U.S.   looking forward to it....sarah

Great to hear from you Sarah, we are travelling from Harrogate in Yorkshire. This is our first holiday with Exodus and first visit to Africa. We are really looking forward to the trip and counting down the days - look forward to meeting you in Jo'burg!

Richard & Chris


my first trip with exodus as well as first trip to's going to be so much fun.....sarah


 I am also booked on this trip and live in Harrogate (how spooky is that), I am driving down. This is my 12th trip with exodus and can't wait to get to Africa. If you want to meet at the airport let me know!!!


Hi Tina

Would be great to meet up at the airport - incredible coincidence that we are on the same trip, must be something about it that attracts people from here, glad we've booked on one with such a seasoned customer - any tips or advice very welcome.

 Richard & Chris

i agree with richard and chris...great to have a "seasoned customer" and would really appreciate any advice....and want to know about harrogate as well as that tiger....sarah

Few tips - layer up (it can get quite chilly), bring plenty of memory cards and batteries ( I always take too many pictures) and the most important thing is to enjoy yourself, be prepared to get dusty and have a few luke warm showers.

One thing I will say is I have never had a bad guide, they have all been fabulous and knowledgeable.

If you see me at the airport I will be the nervous wreck (I have flying)   Tina (Tiger is my nickname)x

Where in Harrogate do you live???? I live near woodlands

Thanks for the tips, much appreciated....we live fairly close to the Stray... so pretty close by!

Currently working hard at the gym on Hornbeam Park to get fit for the trip :)

Will look out for the shaker in the queue at Heathrow!

Cheers R&C

Louise Martin

Hey everyone. im booked on this trip aswell i have been away with exodus twice and this is my second time going to Africa. I cannot wait, got all my stuff ready just to pack it now. i'm coming down from glasgow so i have an early start. look forward to meeting to you all

 Louise x

Great to hear from you Louise and look forward to meeting you.... maybe see you at Heathrow

Richard & Chris


Hi  we are Pat and John from Kent.  We are really really really looking forward to it.   Not first time in Africa but first timers with Exodus and a camping style tour.  See you all at the airport :-) yay!

pat and john, the above folks were on the tour prior to yours...not that we wouldn't all go again in october with's a great trip....because there is so much ground to cover you'll be up and on your way early almost every morning....i hope you have as good a group and guides as we did.   you already know how beautiful africa is so just chill and go with whatever is happening in the's great fun, you'll need a torch....have a great time, sarah


Hi Sarah,

I am going on the same trip as Pat and John in October.  Sorry to take advantage, but given that you've already been, do you have any advice re cash... is it wise to take a fair amount (USD presumably) or is there access to cash machines along the route? Also, am I right in thinking that you can only get Metacais for Mozambique when you are actually there?

 Glad to hear you had a great time... I'm really looking forward to it!

THanks in advance,


Lizzie, i took a bunch of cash-us dollars-and they need to be new looking...and some places won't take 50's with 2001 series....but that said once you get to zimbabwe us dollars is the coin of the realm and carrying cash (there will be a safe in the truck...i had no problems) is easier than trying to get cash and worrying about when you will be able to. Having some rand in south africa would be helpful.  Yes, i believe that you can only get mets in mozambique but if you are going through heathrow i noticed exchange booths.  in mozambique at the bank it takes a while (with your passport) as there are papers to fill panic though as it all works out and the guides are great.  I think trying to use cash machines is a dicey prospect as sometimes they don't work or they eat your card...never good. the guides will talk with you about the various countries and currency.  the other thing is a country will often take like us dollars but give you change in their currency....i paid for something with a 50 in mozambique and got a gazillion mets can see that i am still revved from the trip...if something isn't clear or other questions...feel free....sarah


Thanks so much Sarah... it's really useful to have the inside track!  I will just make sure that I take plenty of dollars and some rand as well, plus the head torch! Lizzie

have a great's the best...sarah



We are also going on 14th, how hot was it at night....thinking of layers required?

In addition, was there anything you wished you had known about beforehand that is not covered in the trip notes etc .advice you can pass on....the note regarding currency and the safe on the truck was V. useful.




I'm from not really one to judge the heat..the folks from the uk thought it was warmish most of the time..particularly the first night in hazy view.....there was one night around mutare when it was nippy, other than that it was  fine  the mornings tend to be somewhat chilly, so you layer and by eleven or so you are down to shorts  the walks at great zimbabwe and the game walk are hot but totally great.  this is going to sound trivial but i had promised folks postcards from africa..they were going to kill me if ididn't as i usually don't....hard to get postcard, stamp and mailed in the same country....lots of south african postcards with rand stamps i had to redo in moz. as we traveled pretty fast.  some of the campsites have bars if you are so and wine at grocery stores are good purchases..the local beer and south african shirzaz.  wet wipes, torch, less clothes than you think, the ability to hang and chill with whatever happens, NO PICS AT BORDER victoria falls folks helicoptered, went on the afternoon cruise and white water white water you have to climb down to the river and back up with your's a bear. fun in the river,though.  i hope i didn't lead you astray about the money but it sure worked for me....good to keep documents like pp in the safe, also...hope you have a great trip.....trying to figure out where to go next...have fun, any other questions feel free....sarah


Thanks Sarah

   Do you need padlocks for this trip? How are bads stored?


Thanks so much Sarah for all of your advice - I'm sure we are going to have a great time.

 Malcolm and Co - I'll see you at the airport bright and early on Saturday morning as I'll be there already and not coming on the group flight.


wouldn't hurt to take a padlock....once on a night game drive our tents were up and we decided to lock them....just in case....s   so, i'm not sure what bads are...s

okay, so i'm thinking you meant bags...and if you didn't let me know....bags, tents, chairs kitchen and all are stored in locked side panels...very safe....this is all if you have the same overland truck-which i'm sure you will.   if J.B. is your driver, say hey for me, you are in safe hands.   most folks kept their day packs in the seating part of the truck    the other thing is no one got sick...s

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