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Hi there!  Departing on Oct 13 for the Borneo Wildlife Discover.  Anyone else out there on the same trip?


Hi Laura  I am going on the same trip. I will probably be one of the older members of the group being 67, but am very excited. This is a big adventure for me, we have been on this type of holiday before (note the we) but this time I am leaving my husband at home (we have been married an awful long time!) Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the group. Not long now.

 Kate Armitage 


Hey, it's great to "meet" another person on the trip!  I am sure we will all enjoy ourselves!  We are very excited - I'm taking my husband with me.  :)  We are mid-40's but I don't think age matters at all - just the spirit of adventure!  Less than 2 weeks for us since it takes us 3 days to get there!  See you in Borneo!


Hello Laura

You are so right age does not matter, have been on this type of trip before with my husband - this time I am on my own (he did a long walk in Spain instead) and with Exodus and it is the mix of ages, interests, experiences etc that make these trips so interesting. I guess you must be coming from America if it takes you three days travel. Hope its not too ardeous and looking forward to meeting you both in Bornero


We are getting very excited since it is mere days away now!  We are actually coming from Canada and will be more than happy to escape the cool fall weather for the heat of Borneo.  Looking forward to meeting you as well!


Now Canada is another country on my  high list -  maybe next year. Its quite warm here at the moment 60 degrees, very unusual. It is very exciting, It's like waiting  for Christmas as a child. i keep getting butterflies in my stomach - one day I may managed to grow up, but not yet. Safe journey to Borneo.



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