Bound for Bhutan?

Hello, just a mail to try and make contact with any of the other "Famous Five" who will be departing on the Jomolhari trek on April Fool's Day. You will have paid the money by now it is definitely no joke!



Hello Kevin and any others that may be reading this,

Yes, I am on the April Fool's departure for the Chomolhari trek.  However, I am leaving the UK a couple of days earlier as I am doing the Chitwan extension at the beginning of the trip (I don't have time to do it at the end).  I guess I will meet up with you and the rest of the group in Kathmandu on 2 April.  What time do you think you will arrive at the hotel in Kathmandu?  I am so looking forward to this trip - I have always wanted to visit Bhutan.

Best wishes,


Good to hear from you A. According to the Final Joining Instructions I received the flight from Delhi to Kat is supposed to arrive 14:45 on the 2nd.

Going by all my "research" Bhutan seems quite a place to visit. Pristine. The Jomolhari trek is very highly rated too. I managed to find a description of the walk in a site called Walkopedia and printed it off as a pdf. I can mail you a copy if you have trouble locating it.



Hi Kevin

I think I should be back in Kathmandu on 1 April so I will make sure to look out for you all arriving in the afternoon of 2 April (unless I'm out exploring Kathmandu and its surroundings!). 

Thanks for the heads up on the Walkopedia website.  I've not seen the site before.  It looks like an interesting website generally, and certainly paints the Chomolhari trek in a favourable light.

I'm reading "Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan" by the Queen of Bhutan (Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck).  It's very readable and gives some interesting background to the country and some of the places we will be visiting.  Worth a look if you've nothing else to read on the flight!


By all accounts you have to beware the local culinary delights. They only seem to eat chilies (of various colours). Not what I would have expected in that part of the world! Rice, noodles, curry............

When last I heard I would seem to be the token male (client). A trifle unusual compared to any other trip I've been on. So I will be keeping quiet and sitting in the corner...........




I too have read about the chillies and am a little nervous!!  Apparently the yak milk is also to be avoided (it is so high in fat that delicate Western guts cannot deal with it).

Didn't realise that about the mix (or lack of!) in the group.  I'm sure we will treat you gently!

I fly tomorrow evening.  Better get some packing done then, I suppose (why is packing so painful?!).......


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