Braccicorti Walk + Talk August 22-29

It's half past three in the UK and I'm safely home, groceries packed away, kettle boiling and so on - but it's half past four in Italy and you're all still there, enjoying a few final minutes of warmth (in many senses including, very definitely, sunshine). I'm chilling - in all senses.....

Sian - I AM thinking of your forthcoming journey to Cardiff in particular. I hope it goes well.


Went  to Pisa on the 11.45 train yesterday - so that I could have quick look around historical square etc before heading for the airport and meeting others.  Managed to book a slot to go up the Tower  - had to get a gelato afterwards as was melting in heat!

(Flight back fine & I had a rest in Gatwick until 5.55am this morning when I caught the bus home - arroved back ~ 10.30.  Having had a bath and a quick sleep I am feeling more refreshed,  but will be back sleeping by 9 tonight.)

Was good to meet all the gang during the week - I'm sure we all enjoyed it, and saw it as a proper "break" as hoped for.

Will be in contact again soon.


Sian ET




Hi Sian and Helen 

sorry I  never got to say bye to the group at the airport - went to buy my bus ticket and then everyone seemed to have disappeared. I had to be at my hotel before 8 so I got the bus as there was one standing waiting. Had a nice last meal in Pisa- with a glass of vino rosso de la casa which was clearly cheaper than those we tried but still nice- and enjoyed the sun for a bit longer. Bit different on my return to Leeds- 15 degrees and drizzle! I never got the list of e-mail addresses, unless it is going to arrive later by e-mail, so if you have it could you pass it on, thanks, so i can communicate with the others.

Ciao!  Linda


I missed out on the email list too. Sian, did you get it? If so, could you email me with the other Helen's email address? I'm Jones. She's not!

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