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I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of the optional activities available on this trip and roughly how much to budget for each day. 



Hi there Angela

We went on this trip in October and found that our spending money went a long way.  The two of us actually had money left over.   There is not a lot to spend on additional activities other than the elephant ride at Amber Fort.  Main expenditure is lunch and dinner, plus drinks, which were very reasonable.  In Jaipur, dinner for 2 including beers came to 800 rupees and that was a typical price.  Lunch is much cheaper.  We wished on our return we had bought more of the handicrafts as presents for others.  I bought 3 silk scarves in Jaipur for 1500 rupees and a beautiful handwoven silk shawl in Varanasi for what turned out to be £28 on the credit card - nothing comes anywhere near it at home in terms of quality or price and it is a wonderful momento of a wonderful holiday.   Don't ignore some of the things hawkers sell.  We bought a pair of Rajasthani puppets for £3 and I saw the same thing at the V and A shop for £40 a week ago!  Watch changing money - past check in on the way back and you can't use rupees at Delhi airport.  The Thomas Cook money exchange on arrival gave a good rate.  You will have a wonderful time.  India has stolen our hearts and we have vowed to return.


Thanks for the information Anne. I find it really helpful. Good luck with your future travels.


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