Canoeing the Zambezi

Hi, I an booked on the group flight from London, looking forward to the close encounters with the African Wildlife.

6 of us booked so far, come in and say Hi.

Not a canoeist but may try it in UK before we go, hope the arms will be up to it by then.




Hi Bob & other fellow explorers - Looking forward to meeting you all, I'll look out for you at Heathrow and if you keep the hat on Bob it will help me see you! It sounds a great trip, I have canoed over the years but still have trouble keeping a straight line. It seems as though it can be very chilly at night so perhaps we need the thermals as well as the sun cream. Are any of you a really good photographer?

Best wishes, Betty

Hi Bob and Betty, I'm also taking this trip. Making my own way to Lusaka as I'm taking a bit of time afterwards in Zambia and maybe Malawi, so I will meet up with you all in Lusaka. I haven't done much canoeing, but what's the worst that could happen...

Cheers, Dave

Hi Bob & Betty,
I'm off to Lusaka tomorrow with KLM, looking forward to the trip next week and meeting up with everyone on Saturday. Have a good flight on Friday.

Cheers, Dave

Cheers Dave, see yah on Saturday.


Well, managed to pack and keep under weight! Just checked the weather and it looks a bit warmer for the next week so break out the sun lotion. Currently being bitten to pieces with essex mozzies, hey,ho. Have a safe trip to Heathrow. Betty:)

But not too hot. The locals are all wearing their winter clothes and complaining about the cold. No sign of mossies in Lusaka, not sure if the same will be true on the river. Have a good flight and see you on Saturday.
Cheers, Dave

Have been working away, back tonight to pack.
See tou at the airport.


Thanks for the weather and mozzie update, need ti dig out the old fleece.

the site I was looking at for weather is


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